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Knights of Mary crown the Blessed Mother as the Queen of Health

INDIA, Fr. Bibin Parambi ISch •

“Health is Wealth”, right? During the pandemic, that has become almost a mantra, because good health has become the greatest gift. Our Blessed Mother has also protected us during this pandemic, just as she has throughout our lives. With her to help us, we have no reason to worry! In May 2020, the Schoenstatt Movement in Germany came up with the idea of ‘Coronamater,’ that is, to crown the MTA as the Queen of Our Health. The Schoenstatt Academy for Life Transmission and Transformation (SALTT), as part of Schoenstatt youth, actively took up this idea and together, we all crowned the Blessed Mother as the Queen of Our Health. —

Knights of Mary


Knights of MaryThis, year, in gratitude to Mother Mary for protecting us during this difficult time of pandemic, SALTT again planned to personally crown Mary as the Queen of Health. This was a remembrance of the Coronamater and her guidance throughout this year.

We chose May because it is the month that is especially devoted to the Virgin Mary. In the last nine days of the month, everyone received the covenant prayer to pray in their home shrines. Each person also prepared for the personal crowning on the 31st of May. Three days before the crowning, we sent a daily video containing memories of last year’s crowning and a message to help in the preparation to personally crown the Blessed Mother.

Many people who are directly and indirectly connected to the Schoenstatt Family participated in it and they sent their pictures of their crowning of the Blessed Mother. All who participated sent their pictures and we uploaded a montage to our Schoenstatt Media YouTube channel.

This reminded us of how safe we are under the protection of Our Blessed Mother during this time and it gave us a chance to come together even though we are physically distant from one another.

We pray that Mother Mary will always protect us and guide us throughout our lives.


Video link of those who crowned the Blessed Mother in their home shrines:

Video link of two children making their crowns for the Blessed Mother:

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