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Listen to Schoenstatt – with audiobooks and podcasts from Schoenstatt Vivo


“Any instrument proves useful and valuable only to the extent that it motivates us to go out and see things that otherwise we would not know about, to post on the internet news that would not be available elsewhere, to allow for encounters that otherwise would never happen.” says Pope Francis in his message for World Communications Day. Always innovative and with his hand on the pulse of time (and of the Schoenstatters in a hurry), Father Rafael Fernandez with the Schoenstatt Vivo team launched “AudiolibroSch” at the beginning of February. Behind these abbreviations stands an App for listening to audiobooks and podcasts. Listen to Schoenstatt in the subway, in the car, on a walk, running… —

The AudiolibroSch app is available on AppleStore and PlayStore; there is also a web version for desktop.

The audio library made available to all Schoenstatters and those interested in topics of the Movement’s spirituality, contains (as is the focus of Schoenstatt Vivo and as we know it from Schoenstatt Vivo, endearingly nicknamed the “YouTube of Father Rafael”) educational material on Schoenstatt’s history, on the charisma, the pedagogy and the ever so important “How to”.

Communication is service. Reading a book is different from reading something on the screen, watching a video is different from listening to an audio. It is important to offer a service, not a number of clicks or recognition. The important thing is to offer a communicational service for different situations, different types of users and different topics.

Thank you and congratulations, Fr. Rafael, once again, for doing a service for everyone – or well, at least for all of us who understand Spanish.

Here is the “how to” of the audio books (in Spanish):

Original: Spanish 2021-02-06. Translation: María Aragón, Monterrey, México

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