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The home shrine: the best gift 35 families could give to themselves during difficult times

COSTA RICA, Lisandra Chávez •

This year 35 families started the workshops to obtain their home shrines, which were blessed on December 5th, 2020.  One of those groups is from El Salvador, which was a gift for everyone. —

The preparation consisted of a total of six sessions with chats and subjects such as “Faith in Providence”, “Marital Dialogue” and of course, the subject of the Virgin Mary and Father Joseph Kentenich could not be left out.

“There was a workshop where the couple defined the grace they wanted to receive or that represents them as a couple, the motto as a family, the symbol and the name of their shrine. Everything was virtual and everyone was able to obtain their shrine,” mentioned Raquel Castillo.

Santuario Hogar

Photo: Martha Barrantes y José Chávarri

A home shrine during a difficult year

Mayi Antillón, former Minister of Economy of Costa Rica (author of a recent article about political commitment, in and her husband Luis Pal share their experience: “In a difficult year we understood that our mission of prayer has been very important, we asked God what He wanted from us and He told us that He wanted to prepare our home for the Blessed Mother, a home shrine. We were preparing ourselves and we understood through the workshops that this is about bringing the Blessed Mother into our hearts, family, marriage and having a little corner for her in our home. We understood the importance of making this journey as a couple to see that the Blessed Mother has been with us since we were engaged and until today.  We were able to conquer her with a lot of capital of grace; that she would stay with us, as well as the founding father, Joseph Kentenich, our shrine and the Holy Spirit.  It has been the most wonderful gift that we can give each other on our journey towards marital sanctity”.

The leaders of these groups were Mario Quesada and Paula Lizano, Alejandro Gallegos and Raquel Castillo.


Video in spanish

Original: Spanish 2020-12-16.  Translated by Maria Aragón, Monterrey, México.

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