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Twenty-one communities of Madrugadores in Costa Rica and counting!

COSTA RICA, Rodrigo Blanco •

In Costa Rica, the Madrugadores were born in 2007, in San Rafael de Escazú, as a result of Derek Monturiol and Father Ronny Solano’s enthusiasm. —

Forty men believed and attended the first time, they met in silence to be with Jesus, to put everything in his hands and also to give thanks.


Give up a few more hours of sleep to be with Jesus

The Madrugadores are willing to deny themselves the desire of staying in bed for a few more hours, to go to church to be with Jesus and the Blessed Mother to listen to them and be silent— to sing, to pray, to express gratitude or to pray petitions for our communities, our families and our work.

God sees the effort we make and helps us with special graces that strengthen our spirits through seeking out and finding other men that want the same thing and serve as an example of men praying in their parishes for the family and society’s needs.

Today in 2019, in Costa Rica, there are twenty-one communities in five of its seven provinces, more than 500 men attend Madrugadas.

Many testimonies exist of the great opportunity they have obtained to return to the Catholic Church, through the Madrugadores.

Five new communities in 2019

We believe our country’s priests know what this Madrugadores’ life current is, and they want the men of their communities to form Madrugadores, to bring them closer to the churches.

Every day we become more organized with the coordinators of the twenty-one communities to reach out to more men throughout the country.

In Costa Rica, we have organized two international meetings with the participation of Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Chile.

Costa Rica’s Madrugadores are in fashion and growing.


Original: Spanish. 7 September 2019. Translated: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, USA.

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