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Girls’ Youth Forever at their Jubilee – 50 Years “Cor Unum in Corde Patris”

BRAZIL, Priscila Bernardo •

The 30th of March was a day of great emotion and joy at the “Cor Unem in Corde Patris” Shrine in Jaraguá (São Paulo/SP). About 20 women who had belonged to the Schoenstatt Girls’ Youth (Jufem) met to once again share the wealth and joy of being Jufem! –

About nine months ago, the same group held a reunion where they decided to make contributions to the Capital of Grace to reconquer the Mater Ter Admirabilis Crown, which was conquered by their Jufem generation at the time and they would present it again on the occasion of the 50th jubilee of the Sion Shrine.

In this atmosphere of joy and childlikeness, the Jufems Forever gathered in the shrine to reflect, pray the rosary and make a symbolic presentation of the small crown, in addition to their strivings for the Capital of Grace.


We all felt the same thing

Gislaine Schiavo, one of the meeting organisers commented: “We all felt the same thing. Mother united us in the same way. None of us could say that the experience we had in the Jufem remains in the past. No! It was a living experience, an attachment with the Mother of God, a Covenant with the Mother of God, where we all gave our “yes,” and She did too, and this has accompanied us our whole lives through! This is the real “Cor Unum”, the real “it is good to be here,” she concluded.

Throughout the meeting their personal self-sacrifice and years-long faithfulness to the Schoenstatt ideal and the Girls Youth became clear. A link to this connection through the generations, a Jufem Jaraguá flag, was present throughout the meeting, as a reminder of their “Lily of the Father, Tabor for the world” ideal which continues unchanged today. After all…Once Jufem, FOREVER JUFEM!


Original: Portuguese, 31 March. Translation: Sarah-Leah Pimentel, Cape Town, South Africa

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