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Father’s Fire

COSTA RICA, María Fischer

The happiness overwhelming the families was evident.  After a weekend retreat and in depth work, they sealed their first consecration, thus officially forming part of the Family Federation in Costa Rica.  Their course ideal, Ignis Patris (Father’s Fire), reflected the intense experience they had during the Father Kentenich Year.  —

These families want to be guardians of Father Kentenich’s charism and mission in order to protect the essence and the values of the family.  Being “Father’s Fire” implies living in complete union with the spirit and the essence of the Founder achieved through a profound and meditative knowledge of his personality, thinking and life.  Only through this method will they be able to be the true guardians of his charism and saturated by his mission so that his desire of having the realization of a family renewal needed by the world today is “burning” in their souls.

Solidarity and inner transformation

“What I can say is that I have cried a lot.  I know my accident united the group, and I had them pray a novena to Father Kentenich.  Then came the liver transplant of one of our group members, José Antonio Gene, and that united us further.  At every moment, I was greatly impressed that they would speak about my transformation,” commented Rocío Prado who experienced a physical healing after a serious accident, and as she said, it was more of an inner transformation that set her on fire for Father Kentenich and his mission.

Strength and courage to face adversity

The Father Kentenich Year was a very challenging and transformative year for everyone:  “The health of many, job losses, and closing of businesses for some.  It has been a very affected group, and at the same time, very strong with fighters.  This Year of the Father, we all experienced him and got to know him in depth,” Rocío commented.

They were beautiful days, accompanied by the lead family and advisers.  “We all feel our hearts were going to explode,” they commented.  They sealed the Covenant of Love with Blessed Mother and Father Kentenich anew.

A tangible sign of the presence of Father Kentenich

There was something very special:  “Of course I took my bust of Father Kentenich and placed it in the middle of everyone, but always looking at me.  He accompanied us and filled us with his fire.  Undoubtedly, he was our inspiration,” said Rocío.

The entire Family was invited to Mass, and they came in great number.  It was a festival for Blessed Mother, Father Kentenich, and all the families.




Original: Spanish, 17 November 2018, Translation: Carlos Cantú, Austin, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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