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October 18th in Tupãrenda: “We’re a Schoenstatt coming back.”

PARAGUAY, Martín Pereira •

Yes, this time we’re a Schoenstatt “that’s coming back.” All year we go out with our Pilgrim Mothers to visit families, schools, and hospitals transmitting our covenant culture in every community of our country. But on October 18th, the missionaries of the Rosary Campaign came from the most distance places to visit our Schoenstatt Mother in Tupãrenda. —

On the eve of October 18th, all the missionaries interrupted the Pilgrim Mother’s travel, we gathered money that was saved, and from allover, we began the going to Tupãrenda.

We’re a Schoenstatt that’s coming back; we arrived at the shrine with a very heavy load, carrying the problems and worries of our people we mission, full of hope and prayers yet with the weariness of the entire year of pilgrimage, with our faults and weaknesses but with the joy of knowing that the pilgrimage is with the Blessed Mother.

And yes, we are now ready to get going

During this year, the Rosary Campaign missionaries again took on the task of the large national celebration at our beloved Tupãrenda Shrine, coming en masse, offering color and widespread joy. Despite the fact that everywhere, it was raining intensely, the Blessed Mother’s loyalty surpassed all fears or discomfort that the weather could cause.

We’re a Schoenstatt coming back; she is our mother. We came to renew our commitment with her for one more year, and we came to meet our brothers/sisters from other cities. We came to pray, to go to confession, to greet our beloved Schoenstatt priests, and yes, now we are ready to return to be a SCHOENSTATT SETTING OUT…

Original: Spanish. 18 October 2018. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA/mf

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