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Swiss Youth in Belmonte


How are things getting on with the “country rooms” in the International Schoenstatt Centre in Belmonte? Is there any progress? Has anyone seen a photo of one of these rooms for which we have sent pictures, crosses and other objects? – Questions that have arrived time and again with the editors of

Thanks to Brigitte Krompass, who is working at present as a volunteer in Belmonte, we have received information after a long pause – this time because of a youth group from Switzerland.

The Swiss website has this to say:

“At present (end of July) this year’s camp for under 15s of the Schoenstatt Young Men in Switzerland is taking place in Rome. We are the guests in the new Schoenstatt Centre in Belmonte. We are really enjoying ourselves. (…)

On this occasion we were also able to see the “Swiss Room”. It is a single room with pictures and religious signs from Switzerland: A cross and picture of our Lady from Einsiedeln, a picture of Brother Klaus and a picture of the Quarten shrine.

The jar from Switzerland, which was sent for the dedication of the shrine in 2004, can also be found in the collection of jars.”



The young men from Switzerland visited historical and church places of interest in Rome, and are busy considering various subjects such as the formation of the personality and styles of leadership. Naturally a day at the sea is included.

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