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Let us celebrate our “Josephs”

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For all Schoenstatters, dates are very important, since we remember specific times in our personal histories, such as when a Covenant of Love with Mary was sealed, or our countries’ history, and we especially like to remember the large and small milestones within and outside the Shrine, which is our homeland.

The beginning of 2018 is particularly marked by an important anniversary: the 50th year since Fr. Joseph Kentenich, our beloved Father and Founder’s death. Although many of us never had the opportunity to know and to talk to him, we feel very close to him because of the immense quantity of writings, talks, and role models that he gave us.

Weeks after the opening of “The Year of Fr. Kentenich” throughout the world and in Schoenstatt itself; 400 km. away in the Unity Shrine at Cambrai – France (the only Schoenstatt Shrine in France), the 99 years since Joseph Engling’s death was recalled; he is one of the role models that our Father and Founder gave us. The preparations for the beginning of the 100th year of his offering in October of this year also began during a gathering, in which all of us are invited to participate.


The Year of Joseph Engling

A letter from Father Jean Marie Moura, a Diocesan Priest, who is in charge of the Unity Shrine in Cambrai follows:

Dear friends:

As you undoubtedly know, 2018 is not only marked by the 50 years of our founder’s return to heaven, but also of an important co-founder (as Fr. Kentenich would say)!

The sacrifice of his life undoubtedly contributed to the spread of the Schoenstatt Marian Movement that is greatly loved throughout the world.

I write from a place where Joseph is very much present and has attracted countless pilgrims over dozens of years.  We happily launched the Year of Joseph Engling in October 2017, in Thun St. Martin through this Unity Shrine.

An efficient team has started to work in building toward these exceptional months that will lead us to a Triduum, on 4 through 7 October. Everyone is welcome! Everything will be done so we can experience a time of grace with the hope that someday we will see the honors of the altar received by this young man who has so much to say to the youths of today that need a personal ideal.

During these days, good collaboration is developing between Germany, Belgium…Days of commemoration, a welcome for youth and families with the theme of peace, Covenant culture… Everyone will find a place and a treasure to be discovered in the field where Joseph fell as a grain of wheat.

We offer this brief prayer that we can pray together during this jubilee year:

“God, our father, you have given us a role model for the youth to follow in your servant, Joseph Engling.

You see, better than us, that humanity in suffering and you know that we need to turn toward your Covenant.

We pray for the gift of the beatification of this young man, who gave his life through the hands of the Mother Thrice Admirable.

You have permitted that his sacrifice of love be offered in the midst of a terrible and useless war.

Now is the moment for this free, firm and priestly gift to be used for the Church and for this world that we love so much for Unity and Peace. Amen.”

May our God, through our “little mother,” the MTA, send us the graces that we need to continue Joseph Engling’s mission.

Everyone is invited!

Trips from Schoenstatt to Cambrai are planned from 4 to7 October and from 6 to 7 October 2018. The International closing will be on 7 October in the Cambrai Cathedral, with Archbishop Dr. Robert Zollitsch, in con-celebration with the bishop of Cambrai, as well as other French priests and Schoenstatt Fathers.


To prepare for 4 October 2018, Fr. Jean-Marie Moura will write a letter of motivation monthly on the 4th, which can be found on the website:



For more information please contact:

Haus Tabor – Am Marienberg 5
56179 Vallendar
Telephone: +49 261 6409-80


Original: 17 January 2018. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA


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