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Fr. Humberto Salgado: the 15 years of sowing have borne fruit in Colombiaa

COLOMBIA, Carlos Aranguren

During these days we celebrated Fr. Humberto Salgado’s fifteen years as adviser in Colombia with a very important event:  the founding of the first group of members of the Family Branch (assuming a higher degree of commitment, rights and obligations) in Bogotá.

In the year 2002, Fr. Humberto arrived to Colombia as adviser to the Schoenstatt Movement, along with Sr. Eugenia María Muñoz. These fifteen years have borne fruit with the acquisition of the headquarters for the Movement in Bogotá, and the sealing of the commitment of nine couples belonging to the Family Branch.

The founding times are the most difficult, and in these 15 years Fr. Salgado has travelled to several cities, such as Armenia, where the first Schoenstatt Shrine in Colombia is located, Medellín, Pereira and Cali.We continue to struggle so that Bogotá, the capital, can have its first shrine.

Fr. Humberto, thanks to your generosity and pastoral support we now have our Headquarters, “The Blessed Mother’s House”.  The growth of all the groups can be seen there, especially in the Girl’s Youth, which is the future for a new Colombia. And as Sr. Eugenia María told us in the first song for Colombia: “Schoenstatt, a hope in Colombia”.


Original: Spanish, 10 December 2017. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edition: Mary Cole, Manchester, UK

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