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“Youth and zeal! Youth and fire! Youth and storm that urges!”

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“Youth and zeal! Youth and fire! Youth and storm that urges!” JUMAS Brazil recently honored Fr. Kentenich’s words in Brazil’s new Schoenstatt Shrine.

The youths proved their love to our beloved Blessed Mother by expressing their joy on the way to the Shrine before the dedication and in tears contained upon carrying the Blessed Mother’s picture to the platform.

Joy, zeal, and young people… a winning combination

With all the joy of going on pilgrimage from the Shrine of Jaraguá to Caieiras, the youths participating in the pilgrimage were responsible for the first emotion of the day, showing everyone the reason for being there. In carrying the Heroic Pilgrim Mother in front and singing with all their might, their zeal caused many people to smile and prompted the first tears to flow.

With the mission to taking the ideal of the 31st of May to the world, the dedication of Brazil’s Caieiras Schoenstatt Shrine gathered more than 5,000 people. Bishop of Braganca Paulista, Sérgio Aparecido Colombo, presided at the celebration and expressed his hopes from this place of graces: “everyone who had the opportunity of being in this place in union with the Mother of God, are also in contact with Jesus.”

The Queen makes her entrance

Upon participating in the event, the Caieiras Family’s emotions were evident, yet almost impossible to identify as the feelings provoked sincere smiles and tears during various parts of the ceremony; “to be a part of something so big and so beautiful is simply indescribable,” Leonardo Cardoso said.

Clearly the moment of our Blessed Mother’s picture’s entrance provoked the greatest emotion of dedication to the place belonging to her, where we desire for her to establish herself. At the sound of “Mary, Light of Hope” and the “Magnificat,” the JUMAS Caieiras youths carrying the platform on their shoulders were surrounded by pilgrims shouting “Long live the Mother and Queen” under showers of eucalyptus leaves bringing thanksgiving and love to all the pilgrims. According to Gabriel Fidelis, this moment “was basically the synthesis of what it is to live the Covenant of Love.”

The struggles and capital of grace… priceless

Besides all the emotional moments, “the Blessing represents the strengthening of the Caieiras Schoenstatt Family,” showing the struggles and capital of grace that were carried out for the conquest of Brazil’s new throne of graces.

For JUMAS Brazil, knowing we have a new Shrine is also knowing we have a new home. Therefore on behalf of the entire Family, I would like to invite you to unite in prayer with us. You are welcome JUMAS Brazil. Mother, come and reign on your throne of graces!


Photos: Gustavo Martho, Tito Parizotto, Melissa Rossatti

Santuário de Caieiras/SP

Photos from: “Mov. Apostólico Schoenstatt”

Original: Portuguese. 1 October 2017. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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