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Reception of Zion Alb – 8 July in Tupãrenda

PARAGUAY, Lucas Zelada •

The Schoenstatt Fathers’ Institute joyfully invites everyone to participate in the Eucharist on 8 July 2017, at Santa Maria de la Trinidad Church, Tupãrenda Shrine, Ypacaraí, Paraguay. During this celebration, novices will receive the Zion Alb from the hands of the General Superior, Fr. Juan Pablo Catoggio; the Zion Alb is a sign of belonging to our Institute.

The novitiate began on the Feast of St. Joseph, 19 March 2017. The Lord has gathered young men from ten different nations and six different languages to our novitiate; for the first time, there are also two novices from Europe. United in the Covenant of Love with Mary, the novices are beginning their path toward the priesthood of Christ in the Schoenstatt Community.

Upon receiving the Zion Alb, each one of them renews his childlike yes to Jesus’ call to serve Schoenstatt and the Church in the charism of our founder, Fr. Joseph Kentenich.

The celebration will be transmitted live via Facebook on 8 July, at 11:00 a.m. Paraguayan time, on their Facebook page: Santuario Tupãrenda – Comunicación Diocesana. Possibly, it will also be transmitted via Youtube ( or Tuparenda channel) and therefore it can be followed directly via and other media, without the need of having a Facebook profile. We will keep you informed.

Zion Alb

The Zion alb is the liturgical vestment of the Schoenstatt Fathers Community. The young men receiving the alb are beginning their path toward the Priesthood of Christ in the Euro-American novitiate of Tupãrenda following the charism and example of our Founder Joseph Kentenich.

The alb and cincture, through their shape and color, represent Mary, the Immaculate Virgin, who inspires a life of celibacy, obedience and poverty of the Gospel.

These symbols call to mind those who dwell in Zion, the eternal city of the living God.

Third row standing; Jorge López (ECU), Bernado Roche e Melo (POR), Gergely Ferenc Paláshty (HUN), Joaquim Silva (BRA), Marcelo Romero (ARG), Federico Ibañez (PY), Christopher Boardman (USA), Rodrigo Fernández (MX), Gustavo Ceccon (BRA). Second row standing; Héctor Islas (MX), Lucas Botassio (BRA), Carlos Licona (USA), Mario Conti (ARG), Joshua Parker (USA), Johannes Korn (Ger), Cristhian Silva (PY), P. Pablo Mullin (ARG), Juan Oviedo (PY). Kneeling; Benjamín Alcázar (CHI), Cristián Smith (CHI), Gonzalo Valenzuela (CHI), Lucas Meireles (PY).

Reception of Alb-texts in Spanish, Portuguese, English (PDF) (pdf)

Original: Spanish, 28 June 2017. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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  1. Sarah-Leah Pimentel says:

    Praying especially for these young men as they receive the Sion Alb. This is a special day of great joy for Schoenstatt and the Church.
    I have a tradition of lighting a candle each week at Our Lady’s altar in my parish church for all those who are discerning their vocation to the priesthood, seminarians, and priests working in a variety of contexts. I will add my prayers especially tomorrow evening and each Sunday in the coming months and years for each one of you.
    Please be assured of my prayers, that guided by the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Mother, you will grow in faith, courage, and maturity, that the love you have for Christ and his Church will extend to all those you meet on your journey of life and that you will always be instruments of mercy. God bless each one of you!

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