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Belmonte greets Costa Rica with a touching video


In less than a month, the greatest desire since Schoenstatt arrived in Costa Rica will be fulfilled – the desire of having their own shrine. Finally this will become a reality; on 18 March, the “Family of Hope” Shrine will be blessed, with the presence of many Schoenstatters from all of Central America and other countries. At this time, a prayer, initiated by a German Schoenstatter, which will help unite all the world’s Schoenstatters this 18 March, is circulated.

Rector Marcelo Cervi sent his greetings of congratulations from the Belmonte Shrine to the Schoenstatt Family of Costa Rica through a video message with the promise that it will always be present in Belmonte, where the jar from Costa Rica, used as a collection basket, has been since 2004.

A few hours after sending the video, in a private manner, to the Costa Rica communication team and to the diocesan coordinators, they were asked for a date that it could be published, because they did not want to do it before they showed it to the family.  On the day of the blessing or…? Chalo Vega responded: “It could not be stopped, it is already viral, it was transmitted on all the Costa Rican family channels. It was a surprise and a tremendous joy to receive such a touching, cordial, and warm greeting from Belmonte!”


Costa Rica in Belmonte

They thoroughly recall their pilgrimage to Rome with a small group. They went for the blessing of the Pope’s Shrine and to pray for Costa Rica’s Shrine. This desire remained inscribed on the jar that they left in there. This desire was so great and so strong that when the rooms in Father Kentenich House were distributed among the countries with a shrine, a room was also granted to Costa Rica – “waiting for their Shrine.” Room 109 already bears the name “Costa Rica”…perhaps the opening of the Father Kentenich House was delayed long enough that on the opening day, Costa Rica not only had the desire for a Shrine, but also had the Shrine itself.

Costa Rica is always present at Belmonte, in the Pope’s Shrine, in the Shrine of all of us. What symbols will decorate room 109 someday?


Prayer for 18 March

Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt, Queen of Hope,

We come to you with grateful hearts, for the gift of this virtue, infinite source of joy and of peace.

Hope reigned in the Holy Family, and accompanied you everyday of your life.

We come to you because our families need to live in the Hope of Love and with the Hope of Faith.

Consolidate our family in unity, commitment and fraternal love, with the Hope of building the New Community as thought by our Father and Founder.

In this Shrine, Hope is the Grace for pilgrims, because you, Blessed Mother, are the Model and Teacher of Hope. Amen.

Original: Spanish, 22. 02. 2017. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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4 Responses

  1. Mark and Chris Rockers says:

    Many blessings from our family to yours! I’ve been reading about your shrine as it is progressing. I love the pictures and the grounds. Hope to one day visit. May the graces flow.
    Mark and Chris Rockers

  2. Lorena Lizano Lutz says:

    I would like to attend to the blessing of the Shrine in Costa Rica on March 18,2017.
    I need the time and exact address.
    Thank you.

  3. Mike and Marge Fenelon says:

    To our dear Costa Rican Family we send our heartfelt greetings of love!
    We rejoice with you as you prepare these final days to dedicate your new Shrine on March 18th! What a great blessing!! What Joy!! We wish we could be there celebrating with you this historic moment. Please know that we will be with you in spirit as our Mother comes and makes her home permanently there in your first Daughter Shrine. She has been there present for many years in so many faithful Home Shrines – and we believe the many offerings to her Capital of Graces in these shrines has now finally drawn her down to her newest home.
    We remember with great fondness our days together there in your beautiful country. It was a most grace filled time for us and we would like to thank each and every one of you for the great care and love you gave us throughout our pilgrimage days. We hope to one day return to your beautiful home and then be able to visit our Mother in the Shrine there.
    Many heartfelt greetings to you all from our Home Shrine, “Home in the Hands of Our Father”!
    One heart always in our Covenant of Love,
    Mike and Marge Fenelon

  4. Ann Dentice says:

    I am very happy for you and will be united in prayer with you of the 18th.

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