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‎Costa Rica has its Shrine!

COSTA RICA, Maria Fischer

On 18 March 2017, after almost 20 years of waiting, conquest, and commitment the greatly desired day finally arrived: Costa Rica has its first shrine!

On the morning of this Covenant Day, the Archbishop of San José, José Rafael Quirós Quirós blessed the “Family of Hope” Shrine accompanied by the Bishop of Alajuela, Ángel San Casimiro Fernández O.A.R, with 1,700 people present from all over Costa Rica and many Central American countries, as well as, Schoenstatt Fathers and diocesan priests from Chile, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Cuba and Argentina and with hundreds and hundreds of Schoenstatters attached through the live transmission.

Through photos and videos, we share the moments of grace, moments of pure life, joy, heartfelt tears, and details that only love can create…

Bendición del Santuario de Costa Rica 3 from schoenstatt org on Vimeo.


Videos taken from the live transmission

Part one: Holy Mass

Second part –  Blessed Mother’s entrance

Third part: Pilgrims enter.

Soon there will be longer stories and testimonies; there will also be more videos and photos. Stay tuned!

Here are the first 400 photos:
Costa Rica Bendicion

17 March was all preparation.

Photos: Rehearsal in the morning – in a joyful and familial atmosphere.

Costa Rica - ultimas preparaciones


“And now, what?”

Youth vigil with testimonies, songs, Mass, adoration and capital of grace with Fr. José María García’s homily about the Schoenstatt youths’ nonconformity after the war and on Fr. Kentenich’s part, daring trust.

Sermon during the Vigil – Fr. José María Gracía (spanish)

Costa Rica Vigilia


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