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Latest news(letter) from Belmonte, the Shrine of All of Us in Rome

Letter from Belmonte

Dear Schoenstatt Family of Belmonte, Rome,

There is not much news to relate since the last letter, but the few things that have happened have been very important to me.

This concerns visitors which whom I could spend time and share their expectations of Belmonte.

We were visited by members of the Focolare Movement, specifically women who live in a Focolare community nearby (sharing a life according to the Evangelical Counsels in keeping with the Focolare spirituality); a group of priests from Brazil who are studying in Rome, almost all of whom have some connection to Schoenstatt, as well as a group from the community of Schoenstatt Fathers in India who are taking part in a period of intensive studies (Tertianship). Both groups celebrated Holy Mass at the end of their visit, the first in Portuguese, the second in English, with hymns in their own languages. Very beautiful!

We have also had visitors from Spain, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Germany and Switzerland, as well as the Auxiliary Pilgrim Mother for Europe, also known as the “Queen of the New Evangelisation”. I was able to go to St Peter’s and through the Holy Door with this picture. Our Lady didn’t need the Holy Door, but she opened the way for us; we didn’t have to queue and the people took photos. We also visited the grave of Pope John Paul II and afterwards went to the Blessed Sacrament Chapel.

Our Lady is the Mother of God.

Here the top entrance leading from St Gemma’s is being completed. We hope that the lower gate will soon be put in.

That is all for now. Greetings and a blessing from Belmonte,

Fr. Daniel Lozano

News from Belmonte – in Rome and worldwide

“For Schoenstatt in the coming hundred years”“Accept our love, our loyalty, our yes – for Schoenstatt in the new hundred years. That is what this torch stands for.” Those words rang out during the vigil celebration at the 2014 Jubilee in the huge pilgrims’ arena. The fire brought by our young people from Italy, which lit the fire in the large fire basin and the candles of the pilgrims, became the symbol of this evening and of a new start. Above all, however, it was a promise. Whoever lit his or her candle, took over the torch, or said “Blessed Mother, here I am!” in the shrine, looked gratefully into our history, but did not remain there; instead they took the next step into the future. In front of the Cross on the Pilgrim’s Lawn beside the Original Shrine there is now the silhouette of a runner and the large fire basin of the Jubilee. Both stand for the new start … and more. The silhouette of the runner is the positive image of one figure which was set up in 2010 in Belmonte by one of the young men who took part in the first larger torch relay in 2009. “Shine your light”. They carried the message they had received into the heart of the Church. It became the golden thread that moved the youthful hearts at that time. Just as the Jubilee in Rome and Schoenstatt had two poles, so the same figure, made from the same material, but facing in the opposite direction can be found at both places. In Schoenstatt it faces the shrine, in Rome it looks out into the worldFelix Geyer


My fingerprint for the Queen of Belmonte

Humanly speaking the Belmonte project is much too big for us, the Institute of Schoenstatt Diocesan Priests. However, with heavenly support what exceeds our means and strength it can become possible.

This was the reason why, in the course of the General Congress of Institute Priests, the idea arose to crown the Blessed Mother Queen of Belmonte.

The crown itself was to be really simple, in keeping with our slender purse. We also wanted as many people as possible to join in, including those who were not at the General Congress. A crown was made from cardboard in the form of a river delta. This image beautifully captures Belmonte’s mission:

From the Matri Ecclesia Shrine many rivers flow into the world. Everyone can “sign” the crown with a fingerprint. They have been arriving from the Philippines, Franconia, Argentina, the Czech Republic, and each day more are arriving!

Fr Martin Emge

Bamberg Regional Day – the theme Belmonte

The International Schoenstatt Centre in Belmonte, Rome, is not unknown to the Schoenstatters of this region, not only because of their visits there, about which the visitors repeatedly send enthusiastic reports, even if those visits took place years before. Karin and Kuno Leibold, the leaders of the Region, have added printed “Belmonte Infos” to the Regional Letter in the last few years, and repeatedly mention Belmonte and its mission. So those who attended this year’s Regional Day on 30 October were very open for the subject of Belmonte, which was made visible through an information stand, a tombola, and a talk by Fr Egle, photos and videos. Besides everything that moved hearts and minds, the financial result was impressive: the tombola, collection and sale of refreshments collected 2,124 Euros for Belmonte, which at present, when the building work is being completed, can be put to very good use!


Covenant Day in Belmonte

As on every Covenant Day a small group of pilgrims met at the Belmonte Schoenstatt shrine on 18 November to celebrate the covenant of love. Afterwards the slips of paper with contributions to the capital of grace, which had been placed in the course of the month into the jar – it is still the one from Chile that had been brought into the shrine in March to mark the dedication of the shrine at Talca – were burnt.

You can find news about Belmonte here:  or here

You need ideas: Successful Projects for Belmonte
With over a hundred wayside shrines, the Pilgrim Mother Movement is connected to the Joao Pozzobon Room in BelmonteThe wayside shrine at Belmonte is no longer alone. It is surrounded by over a hundred wayside shrines in Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Portugal, Austria, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil. That is only the beginning! Joao Pozzobon took up Fr Kentenich’s wish for an International Schoenstatt Centre in Rome and made it his own, and with him hundreds of missionaries of the Movement all over the world are doing the same. The initiative to have a Joao Pozzobon room in the Fr Kentenich House, which was being built in Belmonte, was started by a group of missionaries of the Pilgrim Mother in Argentina, with Ana Echavarria and Mercedes Bonorino as their leaders. Everyone all over the world who would like to join them is asked to send in photos of their wayside shrine or little chapel. As the photos arrive they will be collated in such a way that together they form the picture of the Pilgrim Mother of Schoenstatt. When they send in their photos of their wayside shrine, the missionaries of the Pilgrim Mother tell exciting stories of life around the wayside shrine, or little chapel, or oratory. They do what they can for Belmonte through their prayers and contributions to the capital of grace, and are very self-confident. Just the number of titles given to these wayside shrines betray some of the richness that flows to Belmonte and from there into the Church: Garden in the Desert, Mother of Faith, Shrine of Reunion, Shrine of Encounter, children of Mary at the end of the world, Gate of Heaven, Full of Grace, Corner of Light, Tabor providing a spiritual home …In 1979, when Joao Pozzobon entered the Original Shrine with the original Pilgrim Mother picture, he did it, as he said, “to enrich the place of origin”. Now he comes to Belmonte from hundreds of wayside shrines, thanks to so many “little donkeys” of the Blessed Mother, to enrich this place in the centre of the Church. With the graces and real life of so many wayside shrines Belmonte truly becomes the shrine of the whole of Schoenstatt, the shrine of all Schoenstatters, the shrine setting out.

Upload photos of your wayside shrine here:

What can we do with too many cups and plates?

The Schoenstatt Family in the Barnberg region in the diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, Germany, asked itself this question. A beautiful and almost unused coffee service will now be sent to Belmonte as a donation, and will serve the pilgrims there well.

Loan project has started

The loan project announced in the last newsletter has started well. A sincere thank you to all who are helping to speed up the opening of the conference and accommodation house in this way.

His Dream of a New Church

We are called to promote a culture of mercy based on the rediscovery of encounter with others,
a culture in which no one looks at another with indifference
or turns away from the suffering of our brothers and sisters.
The works of mercy are “handcrafted”,
in the sense that none of them is alike. Our hands can craft them in a thousand different ways,
and even though the one God inspires them, and they are all fashioned from the same “material”,
mercy itself,
each one takes on a different form.

Pope Francis, Apostolic Letter Misericordia et Miserum

Recommendation of the month

The talks given by Fr Kentenich at Belmonte and about Belmonte are available in English as a book entitled “Belmonte – as Envisaged by Fr Joseph Kentenich”. It is also available as an eBook from Amazon, Gandhi, GoogleBooks, iBook, and many other portals.


Belmonte: The Center of Our Enthusiasm for Schoenstatt and Its Mission

Interview with Albert and Aloisia Busch, Germany, Schoenstatt Family Institute

You posed the topic of Belmonte during one of your meetings of the Schoenstatt Family Institute.  In what context?

Albert Busch:  Yes, during the annual meeting of the German-speaking region in August of 2016, the topic was the missionary task we have to support in the Church and in the world  – we as the responsible and enlivening nucleus within the Schoenstatt Family Work.  Our meeting took on the character of a re-orientation in agreement with the memorandum, which the General Presidium of the International Schoenstatt Movement formulated after the great 2014 Jubilee.  In this context, the leaders of our region entrusted us to center attention on the importance of Belmonte with our new missionary re-orientation.

What is Belmonte’s role?  For you personally and for your community?

Aloisia Busch:  If you talk to us personally about Belmonte, then you touch the center of our enthusiasm for Schoenstatt and its mission.  In the past, we often replaced the family caring for Belmonte and in this way, living there, we were able to experience how the mission of the International Center in Rome developed.  Since the Matri Ecclesiae Shrine blessing in 2004, we have experienced a growing Italian Schoenstatt Family that is taking on more responsibilities for the shrine and is maintaining good contact with the local parish.  Furthermore, many pilgrims from all over the world come to this “beautiful mountain.”  For us, Belmonte is the International Schoenstatt Center in the heart of the Church with a familiar touch:  what we have liked very much about this place is the people living there maintain open doors to all who want to come there like the Institute’s priests, the Sisters, the Italian Schoenstatt Family, the Fathers or the volunteers from the different Schoenstatt communities:  they try to fulfill their tasks in a family atmosphere.  There is an inviting atmosphere in Belmonte that is open and welcoming.  Belmonte is a place where we like to be, where we feel good, and where we like to offer our services.

Albert Busch:  Belmonte is not only an interaction in what is small and everyday, but also in what is great.  It is a place of solidarity with the rest of the Schoenstatt Family.  We, as members of the Institute of Families, feel attached to the gift which the General Presidium made to our Father and Founder for his 80th birthday in Rome, in 1965.  Together with all the other Schoenstatt communities, we are the generation that has fulfilled this gift.  In Belmonte, we can always re-celebrate the birthday of our Father, that is, to have his mission present for the Church and world and for us to decide to fulfill this mission according to our present time.

Schoenstatt has 200 shrines throughout the world.  Why does it need the Shrine in Rome?

Albert Busch:  Each of the world’s Schoenstatt shrines has its particular history, and consequently, its particular mission.  We believe that the Matri Ecclesiae Shrine, along with the Original Shrine, and the other international shrines, plays a prominent role in the context of all the shrines.  It concentrates and reflects the image of the Church of our Father, just as he defined it in his talk on December 8, 1965.  All Schoenstatt shrines, with their original mission, are guarantors of our Father’s mission.  The Original Shrine is and will remain as the foundation and source of our missionary task for the Church and world.  And Belmonte seems to us like a crown radiating this mission in the Church and in the world, especially near the Holy Father in Rome.

To be continued.

Complete Interview here

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