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Latest Belmonte Newsletter Released

Belmonte | Newsletter 09/2016

Letter from Belmonte

Dear family:

August and part of September what a time!  In Schoenstatt, during the General Congress at the Institute of Diocesan Priests’ house, we have dedicated a good deal of time talking about Belmonte.  As the community responsible for carrying out the construction of the International Center, we are concerned, but not discouraged about concluding this great dream.

I want to share something with you. When speaking about this Center, we want it to be called Belmonte Rome, so those who do not know about this project can identify it more easily.  The word Rome speaks to everyone, believer and non-believer.

Another idea is to compare Schoenstatt to a rushing river carrying a great flow of riches and in flowing to the sea, like the Nile, with a large delta formed by many islands and secondary rivers, each one would be carrying its own richness.  This is the role of Belmonte Rome: that each one of us takes the richness of its originality to the world.

How beautiful if each and every one of us would become this large delta of Belmonte Rome that, united to all the Church, announces the wonders of the Marian Kingdom of the Father to the world!

From the Shrine and united to our Father and Founder, accept a blessing given with all my heart,

Fr. Daniel Lozano

News from Belmonte – in Rome and worldwide

Pilgrims from Kenya under the sign of Mother Teresa’s of Calcutta canonization

The Eternal City was full of visitors and pilgrims from the all over the world on the eve of one of the most important events of the Holy Year of Mercy: the canonization of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, the saint of mercy and something similar also happened at the Schoenstatt International Center in Belmonte. A group of pilgrims arrived at the Belmonte gate: fifty-three Kenyans, including twenty priests, among them the vicar general of the diocese and several religious from different orders. They were motivated by Fr. Reinhard Foerster of the Schoenstatt Institute of Diocesan Priests to include the Schoenstatt Shrine and Domus Pater Kentenich still under construction into their packed one week visit to Rome schedule for the canonization of  Mother Teresa. They all came from the Diocese of Murnag’a where Schoenstatt was founded twenty years ago.


Where our parish priest feels at home in Rome:  pilgrims from Marktbreit, Germany

A small group of ten pilgrims from St. Ludwig Parish in Marktbreit, where the Romanian born priest, Fr. Adam Possmayer, a member of the Schoenstatt Institute of Diocesan Priests is the parish priest since 2013, traveled to Rome for the canonization of Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

On the afternoon of 5 September, Fr. Adam wanted to show these pilgrims the place he feels at home in Rome:  the Schoenstatt shrine and the Belmonte Center. They visited Domus Pater Kentenich, they celebrated Holy Mass in the shrine, and lastly, the entire group took a photo with Fr. Kentenich’s statue. However, Belmonte’s red fans were the best things they received because of the suffocating heat!


Annual gathering of the Italian Schoenstatt Family

The gathering, which began the Schoenstatt work after the summer break, had some special moments this year:  the European Auxiliary MTA, which is visiting Italy again beginning this Sunday; the future rector of Belmonte, Fr. Marcelo Cervi gave a talk; people from northern Italy, from Trento participated for the first time; Terezinha and Nivaldo Abram, from Brazil, Belmonte’s first “Family Guardians” were present; and Davide Russo transmitted the entire event live via Facebook Livestream. All of this happened exactly the day Mother Teresa of Calcutta was canonized. In his talk, Fr. Marcelo Adriano Cervi, Belmonte’s future rector, spoke about the Holy Father’s invitation to be a Church reaching out, reaching out to people, and Belmonte also seeing this as its mission here.  And this has to do with Fr. Kentenich, with Belmonte and with the Church.

Five priests concelebrated Mass; they belong to the four Schoenstatt priestly communities, and they are from five countries. A choir and a musical group under the direction of Sr. Gilia accompanied them. Fr. Daniel Lozano, was the main celebrant, Fr. Marcelo Cervi (Institute), Fr. Rolando Montes (Federation), Fr. Heinrich Walter (Schoenstatt Father) and Fr. Valentino (League). Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Germany and Uruguay.

A “Pilgrim Mother” for room 105

Very early on Wednesday, 7 September, (a sunny day not to mention the suffocating heat) Brazil’s Independence Day, a national holiday, was also celebrated at the Shrine of all of us in Belmonte. For one hour, it became the Shrine of all Brazil. Fr. Marcelo Adriano Cervi, the future rector of the Shrine of Belmonte, Terezinha and Nivaldo Abram from Curitiba with their son who lives in Germany, and two Sisters of Mary from Brazil, who work in the Italian Schoenstatt Movement, were present.

A Pilgrim Mother decorated with ribbons in Brazil’s colors was on the Shrine’s side cabinet. This Pilgrim Mother had been on pilgrimage in Brazil, and Mr. and Mrs. Abram had brought it along to decorate room #105, Brazil’s room, at the Fr. Kentenich House at Belmonte. That day, the presentation was symbolic; when the house is ready to welcome the pilgrims, it will be definitely placed in the room.



You need ideas: Successful Projects for Belmonte

Helping to build his vision: with sand, stones and sweat

A burning sun, cloudless sky, no shade, 35° C…(95° F) a dozen youths, a priest and a couple determined to sort, carry and place paving stones, forcefully hammering, repeatedly quality checking their work, hour after hour, day after day –for a week– all the while transforming sandy and uneven ground at the lower part of the Belmonte Schoenstatt International Center in Rome slowly into a well-proportioned, paved square that serves much more than parking for cars and buses. Why do they do it? Why did they sacrifice a relaxing vacation, pay for their way from southern Germany to Rome to sleep on cots or sleeping bags in the parish hall, sweat copiously under the Roman sun, and in some cases for the third or fourth time?

Simply because it is “our” Belmonte, was the response. Here we have helped to build.  8 September, was the twelfth anniversary of the blessing of the shrine, and it was the Feast of the Blessed Mother’s Nativity. The Italian Schoenstatt Family celebrated it the previous Sunday; the pilgrims who attended  Mother Teresa’s canonization visited the shrine during those days had departed. Belmonte’s spacious grounds seemed even emptier than the previous days. The youths gathered early in the morning at the wayside shrine to pray Morning Prayer, and they expressed gratitude for the twelve years of the shrine they helped to build.


Take Belmonte to the Schoenstatt gatherings:  that works!

That works:  “On 11 September the annual “Celebration of the chapel” took place in Stuttgart-Freiberg (Germany), with about 100 people participating.  The subject was Belmonte.  On this occasion, I made a brochure with brief information about the current situation and more importantly, with contacts and bank account numbers, Fr. Zipfel informed. The day of the gathering for our region in Barnberg, on 30 October, the subject was also about Belmonte, including a drawing in which gift certificates for stays at Belmonte were awarded.

That works:  During the gathering of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign of Buenos Aires in Belén de Escobar, Ana Echevarría and Mercedes Bonorino presented the initiative of making a large picture of the Pilgrim Mother for João Pozzobon Hall at the Belmonte Schoenstatt International Center with photos of wayside shrines from the entire world, where the Pilgrim Mother is present. The picture of João Pozzobon departing to the peripheries of the world and of the Church from the International Shrine of Rome at Belmonte with a firm step and joyful face, reached the people who were present, and it was a good translation of the Belmonte mission in the language and in the Pilgrim Mothers of the Campaign.

Belmonte was the center of attention during the Latin American Congress of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign held in Santa Maria, Brazil: Ana Echevarría shares:  “João Pozzobon was the star of the Congress, his life and his person were clearly shown as an example and model for the missionary and of Schoenstatt reaching out.  In the midst of this very favorable atmosphere, we could announce the news about the Pozzobon Hall at Belmonte to everyone, which was received with applause. At different times, we presented the mini posters A4 size with ‘our’ picture of João, with the Belmonte logo,  in a personal way.  Everyone loved it: lay people, priests and Sisters! And also João Pozzobon’s children…”

As of now, photos of the wayside shrines have arrived from Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Portugal and Paraguay. Who will send the first one from an English speaking country?

First photo of a wayside shrine from Paraguay: Santa Rita, Alto Paraná
All photos and where to upload yours:

His Dream of a New Church
The present Church sees herself as a pilgrim Church.That is to say, she is not finished, she is not completed,
she is a pilgrim Church.
What does it mean when we say the Church is on pilgrimage?
She has to take up the most variedelements to the left and right of her pilgrim way,
of her pilgrim existence, of her pilgrimage through history.
She has to see to it that these elements set their stamp in an essentialway on her features, her time-bound features.

She is a pilgrim Church.

(Fr. Joseph Kentenich, 8. 12. 1965. “Belmonte as Envisaged by Fr. Joseph Kentenich” by Peter Wolf, Editorial Nueva Patris)

Recommendation of the week

Patris Chile now is able to offer shipping of English books on Belmonte and other Schoenstatt issues at a much lower price. Check for Fr. Joseph Kentenich, 8. 12. 1965. “Belmonte as Envisaged by Fr. Joseph Kentenich” by Peter Wolf, In the footsteps of Fr. Kentenich in Rome, also by Fr. Peter Wolf, One hundred years journey, a view of Schoenstatt, by Fr. Carlos Padilla, ” A culture of encounter is a covenant culture, and this creates solidarity” – the book with Pope Francis’ message to Schoenstatt, with a preface by Fr. José María Gracía, and some more, each of them also available as an E-Book via Amazon, Google Books, iBooks and more.





Opening up in many directions – a Charism at the Service of the Church

An interview with Fr. Marcelo Cervi, Future Rector of the Schoenstatt Shrine and International Center in Rome Belmonte • (Part 1)

What does Belmonte in Rome represent?

The Belmonte Schoenstatt Shrine and International Center in Rome were a gift from the International Schoenstatt Family to their founder, Father Joseph Kentenich, on the occasion of his 80th birthday in Rome, in 1965.  Father Kentenich saw this place as a concrete symbol of the International Schoenstatt Work’s full insertion into the Church.  Schoenstatt, as a Catholic Movement, was lacking concrete visibility in the city of Rome, See of the Catholic Church.  Symbolically the Belmonte Shrine and International Center in Rome remind us of the image of a river “delta.”  Just as an extensive and flowing river travels a long way to reach the sea, Schoenstatt has made a long journey through different cultures and peoples.  Even more so, in its different communities sheltering all states of Christian life and with an ever, deep understanding of the role of Mary and the Shrine in the formation of the new man, it now presents itself to society and in communion to the Church with an openness in the form of a delta. Belmonte Rome wants to be a place where the fruitfulness of a charism in service to the Church and in deep communion with her opens  itself up in many directions and can be known, deepened or tried.

Belmonte Rome is for whom?

It is for everyone!  Over all, it is a place to live the maturity of our Father and Founder’s original idea of a “Universal Apostolic Confederation.”  It is the privileged place for different Schoenstatt communities to live together and work in common.  It is the place for the verification of our “being an international family,” and in studying and understanding the entire Belmonte message.  Afterwards Belmonte, as Father Kentenich’s pulpit in Rome, aspires to be a place of encounter with his person and his charism, with his being, his ideas, his message and his understanding of the Church, prophetically proclaimed when he spoke his conferences in Belmonte at the end of the Second Vatican Council, and now is very visible in the present Pontificate.

There are 200 Schoenstatt Shrines.  Why one in Belmonte?

Each one of the Schoenstatt Shrines has a precise mission.  They emerged, in general, from a life current and desire to be a response to all people’s determined situations in every time.  The Belmonte Shrine in Rome emerged from a life current of experiencing the “international family” in full communion with the Church and as a place to experience a proven charism in her service.  Furthermore, this Shrine, along with the International Center, desires to be a “home” for all Schoenstatters passing through Rome.  This should be their “Roman house,” their place of support and their place to rest “as family,” with the home (Shrine), the Blessed Mother (our Mother and Queen) and with the Father (Father Kentenich, our Founder).  Everyone should feel at home here.

Father Kentenich often mentions a renewed Church, a new Church.  In this sense, does this Shrine have a special mission, and, if this is so, how will it be carried out in its new task?

In Belmonte-Rome, our Father and Founder spoke concretely of a vision of the Church.  Fifty years have passed since that message was proclaimed, and we can see how it is still in force.  He spoke of the “Church on the new shores,” a family-style Church which is a “pilgrim rock”: immovable in its principles and mission, and at the same time, accompanying today’s man, participating in his life, also being soul of the culture and the world.  This International Center should make this message known and collaborate effectively with the renewal of the Church, starting from the charism given by God to Father Kentenich and, through him, to his entire spiritual family.  The Rector is, in a certain way, a guarantor that Belmonte fulfills its mission.

To be continued in the October Bulletin or also see HERE


Once a month you will receive this newsletter in which the Rector, Fr Daniele Lozano and the communication team from Belmonte report on life around “the shrine of all of us” in Rome, as well as successful initiatives and projects, and try to motivate you to make Fr Kentenich’s dream of an international Schoenstatt Centre in the heart of the Church your own.

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