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A life changing service

PARAGUAY, Karen and Bernardino Portillo •

The day dawned gray and cool, but the Gathering of Guardians and Collaborators gave the day a colorful touch and warmth.  Two good teams, which the Schoenstatt Movement at the Tupãrenda Shrine counts on to serve pilgrims, carry out this activity annually.



Fr. Antonio Cosp’s presentation of “The Father’s merciful gaze” based on AMORIS LAETITTIA began the Gathering.  Then there was a meditation on Fr. Antonio’s message.

Fr. Oscar Saldivar gave the second talk entitled “Deepening our relationship with the Father of Mercy;” it was a fantastic presentation that gave everyone participating a profound message.

Serving others brings great joy

The afternoon session was based on life testimonies from the Guardians and Collaborators, who told how their giving of self to their apostolates changed their lives.  The love that each one gave in their total giving of self to the Shrine for love of the Blessed Mother was felt.

Some testimonies touched the souls of each one of the participants, resulting in some tears.

Taking the group photo was a happy and enjoyable moment, where the childlike happiness in celebrating the joy of serving pilgrims and the Blessed Mother in her Shrine was plainly evident.


Meaningful memories and mementos

Concluding the Gathering, Fr. José Pontes celebrated Mass, which was filled with gratitude and joy. The participants left with small bags made from paper sheets – but these were not ordinary sheets of paper– they were sheets from previous editions of Tupãrenda Magazine.  “Consequently everyone took a part of the magazine, or a part of Paraguay’s Schoenstatt life,” they explained.   The bag contained a Unity Cross, a prayer – and surely after this blessed gathering, endless personal memories.

Simply…Blessed Mother, nothing without you, nothing without us.  Thank you to these amazing Teams for their commitment!


Original:  Spanish.  Translation:  Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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