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Solidarity with Belmonte

A letter to the friends and collaborators of Belmonte •

Dear Friends and Colleagues of Belmonte,

On 8 December we will remember the fiftieth anniversary of the General Presidium’s promise to our Father and Prophet with regard to Belmonte. It looks like we are the Schoenstatt generation that will be able to carry out this promise. The completion of the Domes Pater Kentenich is within reach. We are approaching an historical event. The fact that we have had to overcome so many obstacles, and expend so much patience, emphasises the importance of this very special Schoenstatt Centre in Rome, in the heart of the Church. So far we have not allowed ourselves to be led astray, because we feel that we are privileged to help build a great vision of the Church.


Unfortunately we will not be able to complete the house for this important jubilee day. It would have been wonderful! It is very hard for us to console groups of guests that would like to meet already in Belmonte. We had to cancel a retreat course for priests, the Schoenstatt Young Men from Limburg, Mainz and Speyer, and even the General Presidium for its closed meeting at the end of November.

However, the installation of our kitchen, the furnishing of the guest rooms with the furniture already to hand, the completion of the handrails on the stairways, and the purchase of the ceiling lamps that are still missing, have still not been done. In addition there are open accounts for work being done outside at the moment and will cost around 300.000,- €. We don’t have this money. Besides this we have to make the first repayment on a loan that made it possible to continue building last winter. On 10 November we have to repay 108.000,-€! Thanks God and thanks the generosity of some donors, with last minute donations and loans we could pay this amount and thus make sure that we can continue.

Until now some very generous donations have been received from the community of supporters, our Institute of Schoenstatt Diocesan Priests, and also from you who are part of our big and growing circle of friends and colleagues of Belmonte. Some countries have already financed “their” room, and many big and small initiatives have poured money into Belmonte’s coffers. Now once again a very urgent request for your solidarity and generous support, so that the conference centre can perhaps still be completed in the first half of 2016, and Belmonte can work as the shrine of all of us and our centre in the Church in this Jubilee Year.


Our online payment system grants you quick and secure payment via PayPal, Credit Card, SOFORT-Banking and more.

Bank account for traditional payment (free of charge within the SEPA zone)
Matri Ecclesiae e.V.
IBAN: DE66570501200004005872

A alegria do Evangelho e a visão de uma Igreja impregnada da misericórdia do Pai do céu e do amor maternal da nossa Mãe Igreja motiva-nos a apoiar energicamente a construção.

Em aliança e confiança,


Pe. Martín Emge



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