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Celebration of 18 November 2015 at Mont Sion Gikungu


More than 800 Catholics, mostly belonging to Schoenstatt, attended the Covenant of Love renewal Mass on the evening of 18 November 2015 at Mont Sion Gikungu.

The Eucharistic celebration began at 17:00 in the Shrine. Four priests and a deacon concelebrated with Fr. Herménégilde Coyitungiye, who was the main celebrant.

Our God is a God with us, let us praise Him

He is a God who is with us, a God of life, because he takes care of everything to do with His children, even if they seem to be insignificant. At the start of the Mass, he gave thanks to God for the sky that had cleared so that we were able to pray inside and in front of the shrine. The crowd then offered up a great acclamation to God.

Forgive us Lord, for we have sinned

Fr. Herménégilde invited each person to think about the times they failed to live out their covenant and to ask for forgiveness.

Are you afraid?

Speaking about the current signs of the times, he referred to Fr. J. Kentenich. In 1929, in a time that was no less troubled, Fr. Joseph Kentenich asked the Schoenstatt Family: Are you not afraid? Some answered Yes. This would, undoubtedly, be the answer we would also give him, given the situation in our country. Moreover, Fr. Kentenich told them: We should rather rejoice that the Church can be in combat over all things. In fact, everything the Lord permits us to experience is to make us grow. And in all things, the MTA emerges victorious. We, therefore, do not need to be afraid. On the contrary, let us rejoice in hope.

From here on out, our task is to work that the victory of our Queen will come quickly. Our commitment to change our lives and our environment without fear of insignificant risks is the best contribution that we can make. Let us work without worrying because, in the words of Fr. Kentenich, no one who calls on God will perish. On the contrary, we will gain eternal life for ourselves and our brothers and sisters.

The Mass continued with the offertory of contributions to the capital of grace and everyone renewed the covenant of love before the offertory. The priest continued in the joy and, at the end, gave the solemn blessing to the entire congregation.

The Schoenstatters joyfully braved the rain that arrived when the Santa Maria Choir was singing the Movement Hymn that brought the celebration to a close at 18.30.




Original: French. Translation: Sarah-Leah Pimentel, Cape Town, South Africa


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