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The picture of the Blessed Mother arrives to Talca

CHILE, Pastoral Santuario Tierra Escogida de Talca •

The picture of the Blessed Mother arrived recently at her Tierra Escogida de Talca [Chosen Land of Talca]. She traveled from the Bellavista Shrine with Sister Angela and two couples, who belong to the Family, escorting her.

A large number of families, ladies, youths and pilgrims waited for her along with Fr. Miguel and Sister Ivonne. They gratefully welcomed this great gift from the Sisters of Mary Institute with white handkerchiefs, flowers, songs and a large poster that read: Rejoice Mary, Tierra Escogida welcomes you!

The picture of the Blessed Mother made its triumphant entrance at the Mass. Our chapel was filled with eager and excited children of the Family from Talca, and others who arrived from Santiago, Curicó, Linares and Parral. After the Mass, the Blessed Mother was taken to the construction site of the shrine, and she was placed where she will be enthroned once the shrine is blessed. It was a very solemn moment after many years have passed with many contributions to the capital of grace that have been offered and the history that God has given us. She arrived to establish herself in this place, and from here, she will shower her graces on all her children in the city of Talca. She has brought her Son so that he will work the miracle of changing our water into the best wine and our Tierra Escogida into a Schoenstatt Shrine.


Towards the blessing in the Holy Year of Mercy

As of now, we joyfully and heroically assume the mission along with the Families from the Curicó, San Fernando and Rancagua Shrines to fulfill our Father and Founder’s desire to transform the center of Chile into a Marian, holy land.

We invite you to join this current of life by accompanying us with your contributions to the capital of grace and to the blessing on March 19, 2016.

It was a beautiful celebration, and like all families, we joyfully finished by sharing a delicious bouillon soup and kneaded bread.

On the third day of her arrival at Talca, our Blessed Mother left in haste after the Covenant Mass to visit her children. The first place she arrived was at the Rodrigo Hurtado and Marcela Bertoglio family, where she remained for one day. Then she continued on her way to another family, and so this is how she will visit everyone who wants to welcome her: families, schools, institutions, chapels, shrines, and neighbors from now until the blessing. She takes joy, peace and her Son Jesus everywhere.


Source: Vinculo Magazine, Chile
Original: Spanish. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA – Edit: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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