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Father, your dream is our dream

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12049692_1184836978209893_5801722884756213056_nSo far I have always written to you that Belmonte is our Father’s dream. Today the words of Pope Frances to children in the USA still echoes in my ears: The Sacred Scriptures show us the Believer as a person who dreams and creates peace. This has inspired me to say that our Father’s dream is also MY DREAM, OUR DREAM.

Dreams …, yes, dreaming of the gift we want to give Fr Kentenich: BELMONTE.

What happens to us when we have a wonderful dream? Hardly have we woken up than we tell the people closest to us about it; and as we tell them our enthusiasm grows, and the dream seems to be like a fire that increasingly makes the wish a reality. That is what I want to do together with you: To allow Fr Kentenich’s dream to set my dream, our dream alight.

How happy the thought makes me that in the Year of Mercy we want to give this BELMONTE and its shrine to the Church, so that people may encounter MERCY through our dear MTA and the hands of our Fr Kentenich. The shrine gives expression to mercy by offering a home, transformation and an apostolic mission.

Connected with you in the BELMONTE dream, I take you along with me to the shrine and ask God to bless us and form us into AMBASSADORS OF THE GRACE of this place, which the Blessed Mother chose for herself in Rome, so that she may have her throne of grace here as Mother of the Church.

With all my heart,

Fr Daniel Lozano

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DVD with video of Belmonte

The new video on the mission of Belmonte translated into five languages can now be obtained as a DVD (10€ + postage). The video contains not only unique views of the site (taken by drones), but also some minutes of historic films of Fr Kentenich’s visit to Belmonte.

The DVDs can be obtained from Berg Moriah and can be ordered from: [email protected]


The perfect Christmas gift

Do you want to give someone special a very special gift? Do you want to give Belmonte? It’s possible, because since 1 October you can get a gift voucher for 2 or 3 nights, or a whole week in Belmonte, as well as vouchers for 100€ or 200€ that can be “spent” at Belmonte.

You can get the vouchers from Berg Moriah in Schoenstatt or order them by mail, also to pass on: [email protected]

More about Belmonte and the vision of a Schoenstatt Center as gift for the church

More about Belmonte, that depends exlcusively on the collaboration of the schoenstatters

Current Belmonte newsletter

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Photos: Melba and Pedro López, Corrientes, Argentina

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