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Agenvida – the Spiritual Daily Order is now also an App

PARAGUAY, by Maria Fischer with material from the authors of AgenVida•

On 18 October there were many celebrations, conferences and pilgrimages, and also many offers, gifts and commitments. Two young people from Paraguay gave the Mother Thrice Admirable and her Schoenstatt Family (and perhaps beyond) an upgrade of one of the proven instruments of Kentenich self-education: the Spiritual Daily Order as an App.

“We cannot believe it! Two years ago we were doing the final tests to launch Agenvida [Lifeagenda], the online spiritual daily order. We did not imagine that today we would be finalizing the details to launch the app. If it is God’s will and everything works well, we will celebrate October 18th with Agenvida App (for cell phones) hot off the press”, Rodrigo Valdez and Gisse Peralta, students and young business persons who belong to the Schoenstatt Movement at Paraguay, wrote.

The Spiritual Daily Order

12119010_902779989800453_3318782578473241760_nAgenvida, is a diary to give order to our life and have a “schedule” that will help us to be better every day. In simple terms, it a combination of resolutions that each person sets for him/herself for the month, and day after day “marks” whether they fulfilled their promises.

The term “spiritual daily order” was taken from Church tradition. However, it is not a “schedule” in the strict sense since the activities should not be carried out at a specific time. It does not have to be exclusively “spiritual”: It can incorporate physical, intellectual, or recreational activities.

There is a hard copy spiritual daily order that comes a booklet and who belong to the Schoenstatt Movement know it well. However, the most difficult thing about this method to accomplish our “self-education” is to “remember to mark”, to be consistent.

This is the reason that the “digital” spiritual daily order emerged.

The spiritual daily order allows us to work our “organism of attachments”: the relationship with God, with our brothers/sisters, with things (that also includes work and nature) and with oneself, in a balanced way through concrete actions and activities that we carry out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Now as an APP

In May 2013, the desire began to make an app, which we thought was necessary for Schoenstatters. In this way, Rodrigo and Gisse began to devise, design and develop their first web application.

“In two years more than 500 users registered for Agenvida, and after many requests for us to develop the mobile app, we finally decided to take the time to do it”, they commented. “On October 18, 2015 we want to launch Agenvida App. And we want you to be a part of it.”

Please note: At the moment is only available in Spanish.

Pre sign-up:

Video about Spiritual Daily Order for Desktop

Original: Spanish. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Editing: Sarah-Leah Pimentel, South Africa

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