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The Shrine of all of us – Letter from Belmonte 7/8 2015

Belmonte, Fr. Daniel Lozano •

Dear friends,

the month of July has come to a close; it means that the whole of Rome is on holiday. We will take up our activities again with a conference on 6 September, which will be attended by representatives from all over Italy. We start at 9 a.m. and close with Holy Mass at 5.30 p.m.

On 18 July we celebrated the end of the pastoral year with Holy Mass on one of the hottest days of the year; there weren’t many present, but it was a happy gathering.

Belmonte is growing; we are approaching the completion of the Domus Fr Kentenich; St Joseph is inspiring the workers to redoubled efforts! The reason why the building isn’t finished is because we don’t have the money.

We can see that there is not much awareness in the international Movement of the importance of Belmonte for Schoenstatt in the Church in Rome. Our presence in the City of the Popes makes people from all over the world aware of Schoenstatt. That was Fr Kentenich’s thought, so it is the task of each one of us. All of us can do “something” to bring Belmonte to completion, so that from here we can offer the Church the charism God gave Fr Kentenich. Some could become supporters of this work; others can offer their efforts to live everyday sanctity, or financial support through small contributions. If every Schoenstatter all over the world could give one Euro, we would have more than enough to complete the building. Of course, I know that each community has its needs, but this is our common work. I am thinking here of Burundi and the Czech Republic, which are certainly not the richest countries in the world, but which have paid for their rooms either partially or completely.

Yet what all of us can do is to ask God through the intercession of St Joseph to finally give our Father and Founder the fulfilment of his dream.
Belmonte, the shrine of all of us!

I wish you God’s richest blessing,
Fr Daniel Lozano
Rector of Belmonte

News from Belmonte – in Rome and worldwide

The jar for Burundi is filled again and again

Even though a few months have passed, the jar from Burundi standing in the shrine of all of us in Belmonte is repeatedly filled with more and more virtual contributions. The aim is to fill the jar with the “wine” of peace and reconciliation in that country. It is good that this continues, because the violence and insecurity in Burundi continue, and so does the insecurity of the tens of thousands of refugees from Burundi in the crowded camps of the neighbouring countries.

Building work continues

Fr Georg Egle, who is in charge of building operations in Belmonte, reports, “In the meantime a footpath leads from the parking area to the wayside shrine so that it can be visited by groups in even the worst weather. The work in the house continues, and the cleaning firm is busy cleaning the apartments and guest rooms…: The rooms are to be furnished in October. In the upper area of the site the renovation of the historical Casetta is almost complete. This was a condition imposed by the authorities. The layout of the gardens is also progressing well.

A room for each country

At the beginning of September we will be able to decide which of the guest rooms will be given the name of which country, that is, where the Chilean, German, Australian, Swiss or Bolivian rooms can be found. The rooms are to be given the name of a country where a shrine has been built. Names will be put up provisionally on the room doors in the first week in September so that visitors from the countries can look for “their” room and “take possession” of it. They will, of course, be able to visit the rooms of the other countries. This means that the moment has arrived to appeal to the creativity and initiative of the countries so that their room isn’t empty when the first guests arrive towards the end of the year. Of course, the rooms will have a table and bed, etc., but the Schoenstatt picture of Mary, the crucifix, and the symbol of the cultural and religious identity of that country would also need to be there. Yet many countries have still not created their symbols.

Who is going to take the initiative? No country should be missing from this unique vision of the richness of the peoples and nations where Schoenstatt has taken root.

More information on the rooms and how to collaborate

Opening times in summer

No Masses will be celebrated in Belmonte during the weeks of the summer holidays in Rome; the shrine will remain open for pilgrims throughout the day. For security reasons the main gates at the top of the property will remain closed. The gate near the Domus Pater Kentenich (Via di Santa Gemma 17) will be open. On 6 September we resume our normal activities.

Information about opening times, services and current events
More news from Belmonte

You need ideas: Successful initiatives for Belmonte

They had a wonderful idea at the Schoenstatt Centre in Wurzburg – to create a permanent presence of Belmonte there, even without its special events or talks about “the shrine of all of us” and its mission.

Near the reception desk in the entrance where all pilgrims and visitors go in and out they have put up a beautifully designed brochure display stand where information about Rome, Belmonte pilgrim brochures and the “Room Prospectus” can be presented and taken along.

Of course, everything follows the Belmonte colour scheme, and displays the Belmonte logo. A feast for the eyes that includes a selection of Belmonte souvenirs, such as, “Paste di Belmonte” (Pasta shaped like St Peter’s with the shrine), and mugs with the Belmonte Logo and postcards.

Many stop and study the information, some buy a little gift and ask questions ….

Whoever would like to do something similar in a Schoenstatt Centre or elsewhere will gladly be provided with tips and material. Simply ask:

Bookings are already possible!

For the last few weeks it has been possible to book a stay in Belmonte. Elena Buosi, manager of Father Kentenich House, can accept telephone bookings (++39 06-61566086) or by email Elena Buosi has a hotelier background and speaks Italian and fluent English; if someone calls or writes in Portuguese, she asks Sr Ivon, and for Spanish the Rector, Fr Daniel Lozano, is at her service. If German requests are made, she invites Gianni Stampone, who looks after the house and grounds, for an Espresso, and asks him. Gianni Stampone spent some years working in Freiburg and speaks excellent German.

The first to ask to stay in Belmonte were youth from Mendoza, Argentina, who want to come in April 2016, and a student from Madrid, Spain, who would like to stay in the shadow of the shrine while she completes her doctorate!

God willing, and if donations arrive, the house will be opened for pilgrims from December 2015, that is, precisely for the beginning of the Holy Year of Mercy during which a large number of pilgrims are expected to arrive in Rom. It’s as though it was built for this occasion …

Thank you for taking an interest in Belmonte! 

You are joining a growing number of people from all over the world who are gathering around “the shrine of all of us”.

Fr Daniel Lozano, the Rector, and the Belmonte Communication Team, would like to tell you in this monthly newsletter about life around “the shrine of all of us” in Rome, and about successful initiatives and projects, in order to enkindle your enthusiasm for Fr Kentenich’s dream of an international Schoenstatt Centre in the heart of the Church, and make it your own.

If Belmonte didn’t exist already, it would have to be built. A shrine built on the foundations of love for the Church proven in suffering. A shrine for now. For the Church, and within it Schoenstatt as part of the current of renewal initiated by Pope Francis as we prepare for the Jubilee Year of Mercy.

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