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“There are so many people doing so much to make it a beautiful place.” Elena Buosi loves to work at Belmonte

Rome, Belmonte, by Maria Fischer •

“What words do you have for the first guests who will stay at Belmonte?” This was asked of Elena Buosi over a year ago, in May 2014, and still these first guests have yet to come, but her answer remains the same: “I hope you enjoy the stay and catch the feeling of peace and quiet, and that you feel spiritually connected to it.”

Elena Buosi’s mother-in-law has belonged to the Movement for several years; once she talked to Elena, a hotel professional, about Belmonte and that there would be a great building for guests… Elena, a mother of two young children age four and five, was looking for a new job after her “baby-break” of five years, and courageously sent her resume to Belmonte’s rector. “I was so glad when I was accepted,” she says. She started in 2014 and momentarily is working on a part-time basis, as administrator. As soon as the house is ready for guests, she will be in charge of reservations, organizing events, public relations, and all the tasks associated with welcoming guests and making them feel comfortable.

Besides her native Italian, she is fluent in English and understands Spanish very well. “I am very, very happy with this job,” she says. “It is such a beautiful place, I really love working here and am looking forward to the first guests arriving!”

From her experience in hotel management, she knows which basic skills are needed in a guesthouse like Belmonte: “Patience, a lot of patience. Different people will be here, people with different expectations, culture, and needs. I worked a lot in complaint management…” she laughs. “You simply need patience and to love people!”

dorm 2

Future guest room

“I feel a bit nervous”

As the opening of the house is scheduled for December 2015, and the first reservations are coming in, Elena Buosi feels a bit nervous. “We have been waiting for this moment for so long,” she says. There is still a lot to do – a website for booking is needed, the house must become known in Rome, and a lot of work still lays ahead.

But Elena Buosi is optimistic: “This place is special. And there are so many people who do a lot to make it beautiful place.”

Asked, what Belmonte is for her, Elena Buosi answers: “First of all, it is an opportunity for me to work, and I love this work. But I sense that one day it will become very special to me.”


It is already possible to book a stay in Belmonte. Elena Buosi accepts telephone bookings (++39 06-61566086) or bookings by email [email protected].


Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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