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It is a family spirit…he only lives with the thought: What can and should I give?

By Lilita and Carlos Ricciardi, La Plata, Argentina•

“Surely many who here today know you as the black Lombardi, someone who helped them at some time or who they saw working in some Church movement, just another neighbor. At most one would say that you are usually willing to collaborate. I would say “always ready” and faithful to your promise that you made to the Big Boss many years ago. In any case, those are only scenes from a movie that those of us who live under the same roof as you saw completely. A movie about a man with successes and mistakes who was always at the service of others. A man, who if he was not doing something for the family, was doing something for the parish, for some acquaintance, at work, some movement and so many other spheres to which he belonged. In certain situations, this vocation led you to an imbalance in your life, your relationships and even your own health. However I have no doubt that even in error you followed Father Kentenich’s words: “The family spirit does not ask: What do I receive? It only lives by the thought what can and should I give?”

From a paragraph of a letter Santiago Lombardi wrote to his father, Juan Carlos Lombardi, on the 24th of March, when he was ordained as a deacon

A celebration for the Church

He and Graciela belong to Course 2 – Family Shrine of the Family Federation of Argentina. Archbishop Héctor Aguer from La Plata was in charge of the ordination, which was celebrated in the Lady of the Annunciation Parish. Many people attended the ceremony. Many members of the parish community, relatives, friends, his course brothers and people from the region were present.

After the ceremony, a true celebration for the Church, the new deacon was regaled in the parish hall, along with his wife Graciela, his mother, his children and grandchildren. There were songs, great joy and signs of affection and fondness for the Lombardi Family, for his well-known career in the parish and the area. Santiago, Juan Carlos and Graciela’s son, read a “letter for father deacon.” It was a letter that touched everyone.

We wish Juan Carlos and Graciela a fruitful task in the diaconate, whose motto is: “May it be done to me according to your word.” Luke 1:38



Original: Spanish – Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, Texas USA


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