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Toward 2014 – in Covenant with Finland

mev. The Blessed Mother wants to reach even the most unimaginable corners of the planet!  This was the feeling that was experienced this Saturday in the Original Shrine at 7:15 a.m., when everyone present united in prayer for the nascent Schoenstatt Family in Finland.  Missionaries of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign from the Philippines and Poland are beginning to establish the campaign among the residents in spite of the small percentage (0.2%) of Catholic inhabitants.



Father Pushparaj, Regional Superior of the Schoenstatt Fathers in India, celebrated the Holy Mass. At the end of the celebration, he addressed the participants in three languages– German, Spanish, and English–and he invited everyone to renew the Covenant of Love with the Little Consecration prayer recited in their mother tongue.  In the sacristy, Father Pushparaj expressed his gratitude to the “choir”, who gladden the participants and elevated the spirit with songs in Spanish.


“Every week petitions for prayers arrive from more and more countries!” someone commented after the Eucharist.  This time those from Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, the United States, Paraguay, Mexico, Portugal, Italy, Ecuador, Germany, Australia, Puerto Rico, Ecuador and South Africa, who wanted to be remembered in the Original Shrine, were very much present.

In first place, Holy Mass was offered for the Family from Finland on its way toward 2014, for everyone who receives the Pilgrim MTA in this country and for everyone in this country who will seal their Covenant of Love someday.

A Pentecost spirit

The important meetings and events around the various Shrines were also remembered:  The International Family Federation conference in Bellavista, Chile; the Congress of Families in Quarten, Switzerland; the Congress of the New Evangelization that will be held in Schoenstatt this week; the Leaders’ Conference in Paraguay; and for everyone who went to some Shrine during these days of Pentecost.

During this weekend when we breathe a Pentecost spirit, the Schoenstatt Family around the Original Shrine and throughout the world could not help but implore:  “Enkindle in us anew the fire of love…”


Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX: English translation