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Prayer Vigil in the American Shrines for Fr. Jonathan Niehaus

USA, Marge Fenelon. The SchoenstattMovement in Milwaukee is organizing a Eucharistic Vigil to be held in the Shrines throughout the country during the funeral and burial of Fr. Jonathan  Niehaus (Monday, January 23) so that those who cannot attend the funeral may still accompany Fr. Jonathan and the Niehaus Family spiritually.




In the Exile Shrine, the vigil will take place from 6am-3pm (the requiem Mass will take place at 7am Milwaukee time).

The vigil at the International Schoenstatt Center will begin with 7am Mass in the Sisters Province House, with the vigil following in the International Shrine of the Marian Father Kingdom until 3pm.

There will be a Mass of Thanksgiving for Fr. Jonathan’s life at the Schoenstatt Center in Austin, Texas on Sunday, February 12 at 11am CST.

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  1. Nick Verdina says:

    I love Father Jonathan. He was a great minister to me while I knew him in San Marcos. Please, pray for me Father Jonathan! I am entering seminary and helping the youth with retreats. Thanks and God bless you!

  2. Vicki Schiavolin says:

    I will truly miss Fr. Jonathan. I know his powerful prayers will be ever for his Schoenstatt families and their intentions as well
    as praying for his fellow priests. I know there will be a burst of new priests to Schoenstatt because of his sacrifices.

  3. Julia Grimaldo says:

    +We,the Schoenstatt family, our movement in St Jude the Apostle
    in Georgia offered a Holly Mass on Sunday January 22 at 1:00 pm Monsignor James J. Fennessy was the celebrant to give thanks to God for the life of Fr. Jonathan and will hold a prayer vigil with Eucharist Adoration.
    United always in our Mother Thrice Admirable and her loving son"

  4. Schoenstatt Family Milwaukee says:

    A private holy hour will be held at the Mariengarten Shrine (former St. Philip Neri Shrine) beginning at 7am.

  5. Marianne Komek says:

    Thank you, Marge, for posting this. Millie Vazquez and I from the Staten Island Shrine will unite with the Family spiritually
    during Mass at our home parishes and home shrines.

  6. Sally LeRoy says:

    We, the AZ Schoenstatt family, will pray peacefully either Eucharistic Adoration at our own parish churches, in our home shrines, during Mass, we’ll be in unison with all Schoenstatt families, United always in our Mother Thrice Admirable and her loving son…Sally

  7. Sr. Ellen Marie Baranek says:

    Our movement in Madison, Wisconsin will hold a prayer vigil with Eucharistic Adoration in the Founder Shrine from 5-8pm on Monday, January 23, with a Holy Mass offered at 6pm for Fr. Jonathan.

  8. Sr M. Marcia Vinje says:

    There will be a Holy Mass offered for Father Jonathan at the Shrine of Light in New York on Monday, January 23 at 3:00 pm.

  9. Pilar Huerta says:

    A memorial Mass to give thanks to God for the life of Fr. Jonathan will be celebrated in the Cor Unum in Patre Shrine, Archdiocese of San Antonio on Monday, January 23 at 12 noon.
    Fr. Marcelo Aravena,ISP will be the celebrant.

  10. Margaret Fenelon says:

    Holy Mass will be offered for Fr. Jonathan at 10:30am Monday, January 23, in the Cor Mariae Shrine in Crete, Nebraska.

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