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mkf. A few days ago, the international news agency, Zenit, published an article containing an interview with Fr. Giancarlo Centioni about the illegal network Pio XII started to help Jewish people. In one line of this article, there is an incorrect reference to Fr. Kentenich and his role in this network, the German branch of which operated under a society called Raphaels-Verein, founded by the Pallotine Fathers. As a result of this article and the echo that spread both throughout the Schoenstatt Family and various other circles, it has becomeRead More
Fr. Nicolás Schwizer. The 20th of January of 1942 is for Father not only one of the four milestones, but is also the axis of our history.      Read More
2009 comes to its end and as usual during this time, I make this meditation between the celebrations of Christmas and Epiphany. Undoubtedly, the "globalization" of the world has made us live some events with intensity: global warming, world-wide economic crisis, terrorism, insecurity, migration….. In addition to what the planet has experienced, we must add our own lives with their dreams and disappointments, successes and failures, happiness and suffering….. It is our history, the history of each one of us, at the end of another year which will soon be "past,"Read More
Fr. Nicolás Schwizer. What do we celebrate at Christmas? We celebrate the birth of a child, but not that of a common child, rather, it is a Child who is God. Now, if we compare this birth with other births, for example, with the births of our children, then we notice some strange things. This child is born in unusual circumstances, disconcerting, even annoying circumstances - since it has to do with the Son of God.  Read More
Fr. José María García (vice-superior of the Schoenstatt Fathers and with Sr. M Luciane Machens is in charge of the 2014 Commission) was interviewed by VINCULO, magazine of the Schoenstatt Movement in Chile, on the Schoenstatt centennial in 2014 and the preparation there of.    Read More
Jorge H. Day. Let us imagine a primitive man thousands of years ago, facing the unheard of fact of a night sky filled with stars and a day with a countless variety of species. Perhaps the first thing which caught his attention was the rhythmic succession of night following each day. Or, he began to understand that there were cycles in nature with warm days and fruits alternating with the desolation of winter. He must have quickly received intuition, that is, the irrational awareness that behind that infinite variety thereRead More
Fr. Alberto Eronti. September 15th evokes a series of memories for me, as a result of what I experienced 41 years ago. The group of students of the Schoenstatt Fathers saw Father alive for the last time shortly before September 15th. Father’s health had been deteriorating and the Sisters of Mary cared for him zealously. On the occasion of our pilgrimage to Cambrai (France, following the footsteps of Joseph Engling), we asked to greet Father and to receive his blessing.Read More