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Jorge H. Day. Let us imagine a primitive man thousands of years ago, facing the unheard of fact of a night sky filled with stars and a day with a countless variety of species. Perhaps the first thing which caught his attention was the rhythmic succession of night following each day. Or, he began to understand that there were cycles in nature with warm days and fruits alternating with the desolation of winter. He must have quickly received intuition, that is, the irrational awareness that behind that infinite variety thereRead More
Fr. Alberto Eronti. September 15th evokes a series of memories for me, as a result of what I experienced 41 years ago. The group of students of the Schoenstatt Fathers saw Father alive for the last time shortly before September 15th. Father’s health had been deteriorating and the Sisters of Mary cared for him zealously. On the occasion of our pilgrimage to Cambrai (France, following the footsteps of Joseph Engling), we asked to greet Father and to receive his blessing.Read More