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ARGENTINA, Fr. Javier Arteaga. Recently I had been reading testimonies on the life and Work of Father Joseph Kentenich in preparation for a presentation I had to deliver, and I was powerfully gripped by the September 15, 1968 testimony of His Emminence, the Most Reverent Raúl Silva Enríquez, former Cardinal of Santiago, Chile.    Read More
ARGENTINA, mfa. Today, September 15th, anniversary of the beginning of Father Kentenich's new presence in his Family, we are looking back 25 years, when in 1985 Schoenstatt celebrated the centenary of his birth.        Read More
Francisco Grondona, Diego Asili, mkf. What is Schoenstatt's gift to the Church for 2014? "We are the gift, as a Schoenstatt Movement renewed in the Covenant of Love", is Father José María García's answer. A year after Conference 2014, Diego Asili and Francisco Grondona interviewed him on the contribution of Schoenstatt to Church and World in the context of the centenary of the Covenant of Love. This third and final part of the interview (first part here - second part here) revolves on Schoenstat's message to the church andRead More
Francisco Grondona/Diego Asili/mkf. One year since Conference 2014, Diego Asili and Francisco Grondona from the Boys' Youth in Argentina and collaborators of the Press Office, spoke to Father José María García, assistant superior of the Schoenstatt Fathers and in charge of Team 2014. They spoke to him about what this Conference means for Schoenstatt and what will be celebrated in 2014: the 100th birthday of the Covenant of Love. We are publishing this interview in three parts. It is also possible to download the entire interviewRead More
Francisco Grondona/Diego Asili/mkf. In the second part of the interview wiht Father José Maria Garcia on behalf of the anniversary of Conference 2014, realized in the PressOffice, the conversation resolves around the task of Team 2014 commissioned in December 2009, the importance of the authentic life growing from the local Schoenstatt families as subject of all the celebrations, and how Schoenstatt will prepare for to celebrate, together, as a family, the birthday of the Covenant of Love. This is the second part of the interview; the first one can beRead More
Sarah-Leah Pimentel. When we were children, our catechism teachers taught us to give up something for Lent as a way of recalling how much Jesus gave up for us by dying on the Cross. This is a good Lenten habit most of us have carried into adulthood because it allows us to practice self-discipline. But how often in our journey through Lent do we consider the miracle of new life we received through Jesus' suffering, death and resurrection? More precisely, when was the last time we reflected on the miracleRead More
Francisco Grondona. The process for canonization for Father Kentenich was opened on February 10, 1975, in the city of Tréveris. Father Angel Strada, since January 20, 1997, is the postulator for the cause of Father Kentenich and also for Mario Hiriart whose process is now in Rome. In this interview, Father Angel tells us the status of Father Kentenich's process…..the steps which must be followed and how to maintain alive the interest for the canonization of our Father and Founder.  Read More
Sr. M. Fatima Dotto. The fire in the Province House belonging to the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary destroyed the attic and the roof. This is where a large image of the crucified Christ had been carefully stored.Read More
mkf. A few days ago, the international news agency, Zenit, published an article containing an interview with Fr. Giancarlo Centioni about the illegal network Pio XII started to help Jewish people. In one line of this article, there is an incorrect reference to Fr. Kentenich and his role in this network, the German branch of which operated under a society called Raphaels-Verein, founded by the Pallotine Fathers. As a result of this article and the echo that spread both throughout the Schoenstatt Family and various other circles, it has becomeRead More
Fr. Nicolás Schwizer. The 20th of January of 1942 is for Father not only one of the four milestones, but is also the axis of our history.      Read More