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INTERNATIONAL, mda. January 16th is finally almost here: 145 boys from eight countries - members of the Schoenstatt Boys Youth, diocesan priests, Schoenstatt Fathers and seminarians - will start out on the Jubilee edition of the Cruzada de Maria (Mary's Crusade), walking 400km across the Andes and uniting the shrines in Mendoza (Argentina) and Bellavista (Chile) during their pilgrimage.  They feel motivated by Pope Francis' call to go out on pilgrimage as living witnesses of the joy of the gospel, to BE the joy of the gospel.  The highlight ofRead More
PARAGUAY/INTERNACIONAL, mda. “Yesterday, the first Sunday of Advent, while I was visiting the site where a solidarity house was being built, I asked the Lord to prepare the way for the coming of His Son.  May Jesus be born in every Solidarity House this Holy Night, in the heart of each resident, so that this Christmas, they will have a roof over their heads.  Like Mary, they also left their people in search of "something better." Many of them are looking for something better to give their children.  Like MaryRead More
ARGENTINA, Fr. Javier Arteaga/aica/mda. On Friday night, November 22nd, Feast Day of Saint Cecilia, virgin and martyr, several hundred faithful participated in a Holy Mass of Atonement, which was celebrated by Monsignor Nicolás Baisi, for the desecration of the statue of the Virgin Mary at the Schoenstatt Shrine located on Pope Francis Street (53) and 15th.Read More
PARAGUAY, mda. On Saturday, September 21st, a powerful storm caused severe damage in many areas of Paraguay. "It has been unusual. My generation has not experienced a deluge that lasted so long. Each hailstone was larger than an orange. An enormous number of roof tiles were broken in a very populated area of Paraguay," commented Father Antonio. The National Schoenstatt Shrine in Paraguay suffered severe damage.Read More
GERMANY, Barbara Pons. During our last Covenant Sunday the Schoenstatt Family in the diocese of Aachen was gathered in its Missio Patris Shrine. There the idea of the Working Document for 2014 was taken up to renew the covenant of love in its international network and with its missionary formative power. Some of those present explained the project: "Each shrine its house" with great enthusiasm.Read More
INTERNATIONAL, mda. AGUIJĖ NDEVE means: "Thank you" in Guaraní. AGUIJĖ NDEVE can be seen on cardboard posters on simple red brick houses that have been built in Asuncion, Paraguay, over the last few weekends. AGUIJĖ NDEVE, Muchas gracias, Danke, Thank you. Danke Ulm-Soeflingen, Germany. Muchas gracias, Madrid. Danke, Munich. Thank you, Manchester.  Danke, Tabor shrine in Schoenstatt ... Thank you, because thanks to your contribution we have a roof over our heads. Suddenly Fr Kentenich's words, that a house should be built next to every shrine, has become practical inRead More
Sarah-Leah Pimentel. It is impossible to watch the news and not be moved by the images we see of the situation in Syria and Egypt.  The cameras have done little to spare us the assault on the senses as we watch blood running through the streets, countless bodies of little children, mounds of cement of what was once someone's home.Read More
PARAGUAY/INTERNATIONAL, mda. "This wonderful idea will definitely catch on! You can be sure that the shrine in Dietershausen will also be involved. I shall see to that!" Sabine M. hadn't even really heard properly what the idea was about when she decided to join in. It sometimes happens that a "quiet favourite idea" isn't even properly expressed before it spreads. ... Fr Kentenich always did it this way – first of all he passed the idea to a small group and then waited, watched, and then, when it had awakenedRead More
SPAIN, AICA. A social network, dedicated to encouraging prayer, has called on all of the world's faithful to unite in prayer for the success and fruits of World Youth Day (WYD) that will be celebrated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil between July 23-28, 2013. They invite everyone to pray for all the volunteers and WYD organizing teams. "With our prayers, we could help with the intense job that many are doing in the behind the scenes preparatory work".Read More
PERÚ, Queca Espinoza. On May 9th, during the meeting of the Schoenstatt Mothers’ Branch, everyone was invited to support the two youths from Callao so that they can participate in World Youth, that will be held July 23rd to 28th, in Rio Janiero, Brazil with Pope Francis’ presence.      Read More