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mda. "During the general audience of September 3, 2014, Holy Father Francis, through a translator to Arabic, said, "I cordially greet the Arab-speaking pilgrims, especially those from Iraq”. “The Church is a mother and therefore, like all mothers, knows how to help her children most in need, pick up the child who falls, heal the sick, seek the lost, wake up the sleeping and also defend her defenseless and persecuted children”. “Today, I especially wish to assure the latter, the defenseless and persecuted of my closeness: you are in theRead More
ONE HUNDRED HOUSES, org. It has been 100 years and it is a topic in almost all newspapers in the world:  When on that 28th of June of 1914, the gunfire from Sarajevo ended the life of the heir to the crown of Austria-Hungary and his wife, the first reactions plunged the world into hours to  a point of no-return.  It led to World War I, the original catastrophe of the Twentieth Century.  When four years later, Joseph Engling died in the trenches of this war, offering his lifeRead More

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PARAGUAY, José Aníbal Argüello Rojas/red. The Receiving of the Tunic of Zion will be held on Saturday, July 19th, in Tuparenda. Eleven young men of different nationalities, all children of the same father, and welcomed in one family, will receive their “alb”, the armor that will accompany their vocational life. They will be dressed by Mary and will be transformed into “new Christs”.Read More
COVENANT SOLIDARITY, mda. “It is exciting to see how good the houses are!...and the happy face of the little girl who is doing her homework.  How many houses more are lacking? see how to promote them more and to finish the 100,” wrote Kiki Tagle, from Santiago, Chile, of the first course of Family Federation from Chile, when she saw the newest photos of the new Houses of Solidarity in Paraguay in construction, in context of the Jubilee gift for Pope Francis, by the collaborators and readers of  LastRead More
CHILE, mda. "In Portugal, in Schoenstatt Germany, Belmonte Rome, Santa María Brazil, Atibaia Brazil, Córdoba Argentina, Buenos Aires Argentina, Tucumán Argentina, Madrid Spain, Austria, Bolivia, Switzerland, South Africa…and wherever there are members of they are praying in covenant solidarity with the victims in Valparaiso and those who are fighting the fire," wrote Carmen Rogers from Santiago to the Movement as members offered up prayers.  At the same time, she was also in contact with Bellavista, where they were working to channel aid to the Agua Santa Shrine in Valparaiso.  "IRead More
CHILE/INTERNATIONAL, mda. Pope Francis was among the first to address the Chilean people after the strong earthquake that shook the northern area of the country on April 2nd. On the same day, he manifested his closeness and affection for the people of Chile. He wrote to Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati, Archbishop of Santiago, Chile and president of the Episcopal Conference of this country that he felt "deeply affected" by the 8.2 (on the Richter scale) earthquake that shook the northern area of the country, affecting the populations of Iquique,Read More
PARAGUAY, mda. "A faith received with joy and lived fully and generously can confer a humanizing force on society," Pope Francis said recently to the managers and laborers of the Terni Steel Mill. A few days later in the Mass Celebrated at Saint Martha, he recalled that the prophet Isaiah had clearly described fasting according to God's vision: "releasing those bound unjustly," "setting the oppressed free," but also "Is it not sharing bread with the hungry, bringing the afflicted and the homeless into your house," "clothing the naked?" AndRead More
mda. Facebook is buying Whatsapp, the German carnival is setting out on its final spurt, there is doping in Sochi, trees are being felled at the Original Shrine: Subjects that have brought the media, social networks and conversations to red heat in these days. ... Yet there is the tremendously formative force of solidarity - covenant solidarity, in which the eyes and heart reach "perhaps even further afield" - reaching beyond our immediate concerns and motivating us to get beyond what moves us directly. The relatives of a GermanRead More
ARGENTINA, Francisco Oviedo/mda. The Family Missions of the Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement will be carried out from January 20th to 31st, in Villa Bastía, department of Tupungata, Province of Mendoza (from 1-20th to 26th) and in Coronel Pringles, province of Buenos Aires (1-24th to 31st).  A group of couples with their children and other youths will go on mission as a family and for families, sharing the joy that they feel of experiencing God’s love.  During this week, they will dedicate themselves to taking the Word of God and the VirginRead More
INTERNATIONAL, mda. What joy!  The torch for Mary’s Crusade, which was stranded at customs, arrived today!  Rarely has a tweet of (@schoenstattorg) been disseminated as quickly as this, the afternoon of January 13, a few minutes away after receiving the email from Father Jose Maria Iturerria of Mendoza, Argentina:  “I want to transmit the good news! The Torch has come up to Mendoza! We don’t know how... but it’s here! So we thank you for the prayers and to the Blessed Mother for this small miracle! We continueRead More