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PARAGUAY, Fr Pedro Kühlcke, Ani Souberlich  and María Fischer • The invitations were sent. On Monday, 22 August, the Feast of Mary’s Queenship, Bishop Claudio Giménez, Bishop of Caáupe and a Schoenstatt Father celebrated the blessing of the “Mother of Tuparenda” House, built near the Tuparenda Shrine; it is a training center for work and human development. In addition it is oriented for the social reintegration of teens who at some time where in conflict with the law, and it is the logical, efficient and merciful consequence of “Mary’s Visit”Read More
PARAGUAY, by Susana Stanley • The phone rang.  My sister-in-law told me that my nephew had been assaulted two blocks from his house!  I asked the usual questions:  Is he okay? Was he hurt?  He was not hurt, and then she told me about the assault.  Two boys, one about age 12 and the other 17 stopped him, and at gunpoint, they demanded his cell phone and wallet.  He gave these to them and ran home where he called his mother.  They went to the police station to report theRead More
PARAGUAY, by María Fischer • “Holy Father, do you remember Orlando?” Fr. Tommy Nin Mitchell, the director for the Schoenstatt Movement in Paraguay asked the Holy Father during the audience with the General Chapter of the Schoenstatt Fathers in September 2015. “Yes, I remember Orlando,” said Pope Francis. Orlando is the young boy – interned at the minor penitentiary in Itaguá – who greeted the Pope in Asunción during his meeting with the youth, which resulted in the Holy Father changing his speech. “After having read the Gospel, Orlando cameRead More
PARAGUAY, by Ana María Acha, president of FundaProva (Foundation for the promotion of values and the prevention of violence) • Since my beginning as a legislator in 2003 until having fulfilled the term of office in 2013, and as President of the Human Rights Commission for the Chamber of Senators, I felt I should prioritize a special concern for the country’s prisoners. This because I could never visualize another place where a human being could be more degraded than in the Republic’s prisons. Prisoners should only be deprived of theRead More
PARAGUAY, Fr. Pedro Kühlcke • – Hello, Pepito! Are you in jail again? Too bad! Why? –Yes, Fr. forgive me! I was out for four months. However, I did not find work anywhere, I did not have support from anyone; you know my family chaos. Temptation was stronger, and I failed again. The sorrow: A short time after his release, he is in jail again Almost two years ago when we became aware that the Blessed Mother wanted to send us to such an existential periphery like a jail forRead More
PARAGUAY, Father Antonio Cosp • This Thursday, 4 June, the Minister of Justice, Sheila Abed, Father Pedro Kühlcke, chaplain of the Centro Educativo, Itaugua [Itaugua Educational Center] and the President of the Foundation for the Promotion of Values and Prevention of Violence (Fundaprova), Ana María Mendoza de Acha, other authorities and a group of the youths from Esperanza Jail Pavilion participated in the blessing of the wayside shrine of Schoenstatt’s Mother Thrice Admirable. This wayside shrine is like the cornerstone of the construction of a house-school that will have aRead More