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PARAGUAY, vía • Within the framework of “Rebuild Hope” Campaign, the Dequení foundation held a groundbreaking ceremony to begin the work to improve “Costa Sosa” (Luque) and “Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary (Ypané) community centers, with the support received from businesses and generous donors. These community centers suffered serious damage to the roof and walls due to deterioration from the constant storms during the past year; as a result, Dequení transferred their activities to temporary locations. Thus at the beginning of this year, the Foundation proposed to implementRead More
PARAGUAY, Maria Fischer • “For me, Dequení is a blessing.  Thanks for making it possible for me to be here.” Every spring, the children from Dequení usually greet supporters with messages like that of 9-year-old Sofia, inviting them to be joyful and for rebirth.  This time, they surprised them during training at the Central House in Fernando de la Mora. Dequení is a blessing for thousands of Paraguayan children, children who come from families of limited resources. Children forced to drop out of school, or those who never see theRead More
PARAGUAY, by Andreza Ortigoza and Maria Fischer • Inspired children create murals, write or paint what Dequení means to them. “A help for me and my family” — “Dequení is love” — “Dequení is my family”… “This is Dequení week” an enthusiastic Maura says as she writes her everyday experiences and joys. This is Dequení week, celebrating its 31st anniversary of service to thousands of children in Paraguay who live in poor conditions. It is also the week of the Night of Bread and Wine, or simply Dequení Night. ThisRead More
PARAGUAY, Dequení and Maria Fischer • Strong storms and floods have recently affected three important Dequení community centers caring for more than 1,000 children. Activities have been suspended, or they are being carried out in provisional locations. The Manos Juntas community center, located at the Pirapomi neighborhood of Arroyos y Esteros, is isolated by floodwaters from the Manduvirá River, Dequení is working with community and city leaders to guarantee help for this area. El Triunfo community center at Caaguazú also suffered serious cracks, a collapsed roof and wall. Dequeni hasRead More
PARAGUAY, Dequení • In the midst of fundraising to collect funds and to conquer scholarships in solidarity so that thousands of children from families with limited resources can attend school in 2016, Dequení is in solidarity with all the families affected by rising Paraguayan and Paraná’s rivers and their tributaries.  Among the displaced, there are families accompanied constantly by the Foundation projects, in the communities of Villeta and Arroyos y Esteros. Dequení is working with community leaders and SEN’s (National Emergency Services) contacts, the cities and governments to assist theRead More
PARAGUAY, Dequení • The Dequení Foundation held its fourth annual Carrera de la Solidaridad [Solidarity Race] with the motto, Education is our goal, to obtain funds to provide physical education for children in open areas at the Ypané, J. Augusto Saldívar, Luque and Caácupé projects. Through this activity they also seek to promote sports, an activity that instills values such as friendship, effort and perseverance in the children, which will be useful to them in the future. Moreover it is an enjoyable way to learn, and it makes the littleRead More
PARAGUAY, Dequeni Jubilee Magazine • Dequení is 30 years old, and throughout its history, four presidents have led its board of directors: Alberto Sallustro, Alberto Gross Brown, Fernando Talavera, and Beltrán Macchi. This is a special time; Dequení invited them to a meeting with the children at the Casa de Acogida [The House of Welcome], and they shared their feelings and experiences. They are businessmen, but at Dequení, they are first and foremost volunteers. Alberto Sallustro is the president of Sallustro y Cia. “I have five children, ten grandchildren, andRead More
PARAGUAY, by Ricardo Franco • 1985, Father Joseph Kentenich’s 100th birthday was a significant date for the Boys and Girls Youth Groups of the Schoenstatt Movement. Restlessness was born when we recalled the many gifts that we had received during this time. What could we give our Father and Founder for his 100th birthday? It was time to act and to share that life that we received from Father Kentenich. We found the response to our restlessness in a phrase written by Father Kentenich: “In the e centennial year, (thereRead More
PARAGUAY, by Noelia Ferreira and Maria Fischer • On Sunday, 3 May, Holy Mass was celebrated in Tupãrenda on the occasion of Dequeni’s 30th Anniversary with the presence of many benefactors and sponsors, who collaborated with the Dequení mission, a great project born from the Covenant of Love. Bishop Claudio Giménez, Schoenstatt Father and Bishop of Caácupé, celebrated the Mass. The Blessed Mother was crowned as Queen of Loyalty to Dequení for accompanying this work throughout all these years. Offerings The day’s torrential rains delayed Bishop Claudio’s arrival from CaácupéRead More
PARAGUAY, by Maria Fischer • Even after the first hugs, smiles, and tears of this greatly desired encounter, we were not sure if it was a dream or reality. On April 6, 2015, visited Dequení. Dequení welcomed after ten years of solidarity with their mission. “We published the first article when it was preparing to celebrate its first 20 years of existence.” said the editor in chief of “Now we are preparing for the 30th year celebration,” Andreza Ortigoza, Director of the Dequení Foundation said. On theRead More