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PARAGUAY, Testimonies about the Family Missions, at Mbocayaty • For me, to talk about the missions is to talk about allowing oneself to be surprised by God’s Providence, thinking about his immense generosity, that generosity that is given to: the people of the mission town, to the missionaries, the life and mission families, the children, the priests and the consecrated, who accompany us, those who come from a distance, but above all those brave ones who are challenged to give their fiat to abandon themselves and their comfort zones goingRead More
PARAGUAY, Testimonies of Family Missions2015, María Emilia Vidal de Zaván • As a member of the editorial staff at Tupãrenda Magazine, and knowing that I am a part of the family missions, I was asked to take charge of an article on this subject. My first reaction was– of course! That’s easy!! But when I sat down to write, a thousand images and sensations passed through my mind and heart…and the task was not as easy as I had previously thought…there was so much to say! There was so muchRead More
PARAGUAY, Testimonies about the Family Missions 2015, Alexandra Garcete de Sánchez • This is our second year to go on mission in Melgarejo, a city in the Department del Guaira. Last year we chose Borja…but the Blessed Mother had chosen other people. She closed some doors, and she opened others until we realized where she wanted us to go. And this year the creative result allowed us to verify that it was Melgarejo! The welcome, openness and warmth that we received from all Melgarejo’s residents were impressive. This year whenRead More

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ÑUMI…my village

PARAGUAY, testimonies of the Schoenstatt Family Missions 2015, Oscar Aguilera •                                                                                Tuesday night, I was overwhelmed with anxiety. I did not know what was going to happen in the next few hours in what was going to be “my MFS village” [misiones Familiares de Schoenstatt, Schoenstatt Family Missions] 2015. My first experience. Ñumi, a new village. Everything was new like the heart I now have after this great experience. The great day finally arrived. The day I met the missionaries, since I did not know most of them, but nowRead More
PARAGUAY, Rolando José Benítez Velázquez • I lost my mother two years ago; it was a very powerful experience for me as I greatly depended upon her. I believe it is something that I will never overcome. I distanced myself from religion, I distanced myself from God, and I felt empty until a very special person in my life showed me a road that I never thought I would take: she invited me to the missions. With many doubts and not much desire, I accepted that invitation without knowing whatRead More
CUBA/SPAIN, Berta González Nogueira, Adela Nogueira, Rocío González Nogueira, of the Girls’ Youth from Spain • This summer the University Girls’ Youth from Spain carried out a missionary experience, Misión Cuba [Mission Cuba] at Fr. Bladimir’s parish, Santa Cruz del Sur. Fr. Bladimir and the parish hosted them along with three young men from Chile who were also there for Misión Cuba; Fr. Bladimir is a member of the Schoenstatt Federation of Priests. Cuba… For us Cuba is a before and an after story. Everyone who has been there willRead More
ITALY, Braulio Heisecke/Misión Roma • On Sunday, 28 June, we departed along with thirty other boys from Sani Patroni d’Italia parish, which is run by the Schoenstatt Fathers, to “Campo Estivo 2015” [Summer Camp 2015]; a camp that was organized by the parish youths ages 15-17. A camp for the parish youth After being in the city of Rome for about four months, enjoying ourselves, meeting people, perfecting the language, establishing attachments and especially praying, we, as a group, had a great challenge– to accompany a group of youths inRead More
ITALY – ROME – PARAGUAY, Maria Fischer • In less than two hours after the schoenstatt.org team sent out a call for a service of solidarity to several Schoenstatters who speak Spanish in Rome, Nico Prono, a 21-year-old Paraguayan, who is presently in Rome, wrote: “I already communicated with M. and then with C., her brother who is here; we exchanged contact information and we will continue to talk.” A Schoenstatter’s brother from Chile and his wife were on vacation in Rome when she became seriously ill and had toRead More
BRAZIL, Jaqueline Montoya Mariano, Schoenstatt Girls’ Youth from Brazil • On June 4-7, during the Corpus Christi holiday, forty girls from the Schoenstatt Girls’ Youth from Brazil (Jufem) went on mission in the city Tomazina, state of Paraná. For the first time Jufem carried out missions that were exclusively theirs. At other times, they did it along with other Schoenstatt Family Branches. Jufem, which commemorates its 75th year of existence in Brazil, noted that among the many activities that they have, the missions exclusively with girls as a response forRead More
PARAGUAY, by José Aníbal Argüello, Lala Pires Ferreiro, María Ester Cáceres, Gabriela Bolaños y Maria Fischer • Father’s Pilgrim MTA went on mission…When Father Heinz Kuenster, who is in charge of Father’s Pilgrim MTA, celebrated his 90th birthday, Monina Crivelli, a great friend of “Herr Pastor” took the opportunity to ask him, once again, for Father’s Pilgrim MTA, taking advantage of Maria Fischer’s trip to Paraguay and Argentina. When Joao Pozzobon found out about his friend Brother German Arendes’ trip to Schoenstatt, in March 1968, he gave him two PilgrimRead More