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Mission at IPS

PARAGUAY, Sady Mariel Fleitas Almada • Saturday, 7 November, 2015. A new mission taking the Queen with the King of Kings in their arms at IPS Dr. Emilio Cubas’ Central Hospital of the IPS Institute of Social Welfare –at Asunción. It is the living continuation of the Rosary Campaign that João Pozzobon’s thought and lived. It is so beautiful to follow him and to do the same thing he did in hospitals! “I was sick and you visited me…” IPS’ mission is carried out on the first Saturday of theRead More
ARGENTINA, Lis Álvarez • On Monday, 2 November, All Souls’ Day, many people who arrived at Cementerio de la Charcarita [Charcarita Cemetery] in Buenos Aires to remember their beloved faithful who have already departed to the Father’s house, were surprised by who welcomed them; it was the Blessed Mother. Rosary Campaign missionaries from Vicaríá Devoto carried out a prayer and mission journey to this city cemetery’s Oratory. A picture of the MTA was enthroned right where the prayer service was held; they prayed the rosary from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00Read More
PARAGUAY, Mima Cardona and María Fischer • “When you want to know something else, just let me know; we have traveled and offered 57,680 km. [35,840.69 miles] for love of the MTA,” Mima Cardona wrote, when she was asked about the photos that were shared of the 18 October novena at the wayside shrines in the interior of Paraguay. She and her husband carry out the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign in the interior of Paraguay, that is, in those places outside where Schoenstatt’s is largely concentrated such as Asunción, Ciudad delRead More
PARAGUAY, Amada Girett • Santa Rita is a city in the Alto Paraná Department, in Paraguay; it was founded in 1973, and is located 340 km. east of Asunción and 70 km. from the Triple Border (Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay). On 18 October, the Wayside Shrine, La Llena de Gracias [Full of Grace], was inaugurated and blessed. Everything was very beautiful with consecration prayers, and there was trust on both sides. It is a place for gathering, of prayer, and of attachment. The missionaries from Santa Rita go on pilgrimageRead More

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18 October at El Salvador

EL SALVADOR, Ana Mercedes de Nieuwenhuis • Sunday, 18 October, the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign’s missionaries were extremely united in celebrating another year of the Movement’s founding. On this this occasion, they also invited the Apostolic Nuncio from El Salvador, Bishop León Kalenga Badkebele, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to celebrate the Mass of thanksgiving. Fr. Edwin Henríquez, pastor of the Divine Child Parish con-celebrated. Transforming hearts In his homily, the Nuncio encouraged the missionaries to continue with their task of taking the Blessed Mother to homes, hospitals, retirementRead More
ARGENTINA, Rosa Ciola • Sunday, 11 October, the Schoenstatt missionaries gathered at St. Joseph’s Parish, south Morón, (Greater Buenos Aires) close to the Blessed Mother to pray for the missions. They prepared an illuminated rosary with the usual love and enthusiasm. On this occasion, it was assembled with colors to symbolize each continent: yellow (Asia), blue (Oceania), white (Europe), red (America), and green (Africa). Many Pilgrim Mothers presided at the gathering. People arrived little by little while the music ministry provided songs. When everything was ready, we knelt as aRead More
ARGENTINA, Rosita Ciola • For several years, missionaries of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign have walked to their destinations and their work in the Diocese of Morón (in the area of Greater Buenos Aires), and they traveled through their neighborhoods, hospitals, retirement homes, homes for the blind taking the Mother and Queen for a visit. This year they thought and then related, “It was fitting to visit our Bishop Luis Guillermo Eichhorn to tell him a little bit about our history and our work, that we have lovingly carried out withoutRead More
URUGUAY/BRAZIL, • On September 10, 1950, Don João Pozzobon took the first steps of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign. This year, upon recalling the 65th anniversary of this event, Uruguay wanted to attend the Romería de Septiembre [September Pilgrimage] in Santa María, where this method of evangelization was born that the Father and Founder, Father Joseph Kentenich, blessed. The Good Shepherd sustains his missionaries! A picture showing Father Kentenich and Don João Pozzobon looking at the camera and of a drawing of the greatly desired Shrine of Montevideo accompanied theRead More
CUBA/ARGENTINA, by Mercedes MacDonough and Maria Fischer • The Holy Father and 10 Pilgrim Mothers arrived at the same time. “Do you need more Pilgrim Mothers?” the question emerged spontaneously at the conclusion of a conversation with Fr. Egon M. Zillekens about the founding of the Federation of Priests at Cuba, in the presence of the Pilgrim Mother…the one from the Original Shrine. The Chilean youths of Mission Cuba took five. Fr. Egon offered to give the three missionary priests some more Pilgrim Mothers, and Fr. José Gabriel’s response showsRead More
ARGENTINA, Morón, Pcia. from Buenos Aires, by Rosita Ciola • On 8 September, on the Feast of the Nativity of Mary, the people of God of Nuestra Señora de Loreto [Our Lady of Loreto] parish in El Palomar, Diocese of Morón responding to the Holy Father’s call to begin a diocesan mission, gathered at the Blessed Mother’s first wayside shrine for the blind. Fr. Casimiro celebrated Holy Mass in a joyful and welcoming atmosphere celebrating Mary’s birthday; many friends and new people from the neighborhood met and came to greetRead More