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By Prof. Dr. Hubertus Brantzen, Germany • Three years after the Gymnich pilgrimage book originated during the 2014 Jubilee, the book remains current and stands as an invitation to visit Gymnich not only physically but also spiritually.  The editions available in German, Spanish, and English show us the importance of Gymnich for the development of our Father and Founder and the Schoenstatt Movement. The Schoenstatt Movement has a very special feature that other groups can really only dream about –  the Original Shrine. The Shrine, where everything began, has notRead More
Editorial Staff • “I am happy you liked the interview,” Fr. Angel Strada responded to the editorial staff’s congratulatory email referring to an interview published on the German Schoenstatt Movement’s official website, in December 2016, on the occasion of the change of postulators in the process of Father Kentenich’s canonization. We are very happy now to be able to offer the English translation of said interview. Fr. Strada, at the beginning of 2017, you will have surrendered your position as Postulator for the process of beatification for Fr.Read More
Fr. Juan Pablo Catoggio, President of the General Presidium • Dear Schoenstatt Family, The General Presidium of the Schoenstatt Work has appointed Father Eduardo Aguirre Cancino as the new postulator of the process of beatification of our Founder, Father Joseph Kentenich. He will take over this task for six years from February 2nd 2017. We owe immense gratitude to Fr. Angel Strada, who has promoted the Causa Kentenich for the past 20 years.  It has been a huge and complex challenge, both enriching and demanding. He was able to accomplishRead More
Sarah-Leah Pimentel, Cape Town, South Africa • Over the last few weeks, I have spent my weekly Adoration hour meditating on a series of Fr. Kentenich’s sermons given in 1962 to the German immigrant community in Milwaukee (Exchange of Hearts, translated by Fr. Jonathan Niehaus). In the series, our founder speaks about an “exchange of hearts” to describe the Covenant of Love, where we exchange our weak hearts with Mary’s strong heart.  He says that this is the antidote for the “disease” of our times, where we have forgotten howRead More
GERMANY, Maria Fischer • The most moving moment is very quiet and almost as surprising as the moment fifty years ago when Fr Kentenich proclaimed and entered into the covenant of love with God the Father. It happened after the solemn Holy Mass when the organisers were already standing in front of the shrine, and were busy assembling the procession to the shrine. One of them asked, “Where is the Father Symbol?” It was in the hands of Fr Juan Pablo Catoggio, who was carrying it out of the “Elendskirche”.Read More
P. Alberto E. Eronti – Argentina • September!  September is a month that brings countless memories to our Schoenstatt Family.  Two significant dates, among others, are tied to the father of our Family:  September 13, 1965 and September 15, 1968.  The first marks the end of the exile and the second his death. I had the blessing of knowing our Father in 1966.  From then until his home going, I was able to see and hear him on different occasions.  What caught my attention from the first moment and capturedRead More
BRAZIL, Karen Bueno • On the 23rd – 27th this past August in the southern Brazilian state of Paraná, Londrina hosted the First International Schoenstatt Congress on Education. The scientific event, organized by the Madre de Dios College, in conjunction with Londrina State University (UEL) and the North University of Paraná (UNOPAR), gathered students, directors, and professors from various countries with the objective of deepening and debating the pedagogical approach of Father Joseph Kentenich, founder of the Apostolic Schoenstatt Movement. Approximately 600 participants from eight countries participated in conferences andRead More
URUGUAY, by Maria del Rosario de Armas • In 1947, when Fr. Kentenich arrived for the first time in Latin America, the Sisters of Mary had three schools in Uruguay:  one in Nueva Helvecia, Departamento Colonia, another in the city of Cardona, Soriano, and a third one in the Deaprtamento de Salto to the north of the country.  Today there is only one in Nueva Helvecia, close to the First Daughter Shrine. After staying for several days in Colonia, Fr. Kentenich traveled to Cardona, from there to Paysandú, and thenRead More

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By Msgr. Peter Wolf • During the closed conference of the General Presidium on Belmonte in the beginning of December of last year (2015), we visited the former generalate of the Mainzer Vorsehungsschwestern (Sisters of Divine Providence, Mainz). During the turbulent weeks in the fall of 1965, our father had stayed in their house for a short time while he was in Rome after his return from Milwaukee. Today the house belongs to the community of the Pauline Sisters. Surprisingly they, too, still bear our father in remembrance. To thisRead More
VENEZUELA, José Alejandro Molano • My name is José Alejandro, I am training as an Augustinian Recollect, and I am writing to you from Venezuela. It is a great joy for me to tell you about the affection and devotion that I feel for the person of the Servant of God, Father Joseph Kentenich. Two years ago, shortly before I began my religious training, my spiritual director showed him to me as an example, with the aim of giving me an example of loyalty to the Lord Jesus. Since thatRead More