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org. February 2014. A young woman entered the Bank with a rather worn savings book. "I happened to find this in a box I haven't opened for ages," she said. It was a savings account her grandparents had opened for her when she was still a child. "Is it still valid?" she asked. "Of course, and it will have quite a decent balance by now," the Bank official replied. Smiling shyly and visibly moved the young woman said, "You little, forgotten and neglected savings book at the bottom of aRead More
Sarah-Leah Pimentel. Several days ago, I read a talk that Fr. Kentenich gave to a group of high school boys in 1929 as they made their Consecration ("In the Shadow of the Shrine, Kentenich Reader, p141-156). As I read it, I thought how relevant this talk is during this year of our preparation for Jubilee 2014 as we continue to work on our apostolic and missionary projects.Read More
mkf. There are schools, houses and streets which bear his name. Newspapers, radio and television stations broadcast news about him, precisely on the 16th of November, 2010, the 125th anniversary of his birth. Popes, cardinals, and bishops have spoken about him and continue doing so. All began with a secret and favorite idea born in his heart and fulfilled with the persons who followed him. Wherever he went, they also went. Always. With such persons, Father Kentenich continues founding Schoenstatt also today. With persons for whomRead More