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Sarah-Leah Pimentel. "The fruitfulness of a seed depends, as we know from experience, on its natural ability to germinate, the quality of the soil and from outward factors - the sun, rain and wind. ...What applies to the seed in nature can be applied to the seeds of our spirituality and a universal apostolate. The good earth they need is the natural and supernatural readiness to be generous, but above all, to be chaste and to love. Normally only those who are generous are capable [of living our spirituality]...Chastity isRead More
Sarah-Leah Pimentel. Schoenstatt enters its first Lent of the new century. Lent is a time of new beginnings, of spiritual rebirth.  Perhaps we can say the same for Schoenstatt.  In 100 years, Schoenstatt has matured, relationships in the Covenant of Love have deepened, and it has travelled to many new shores - both physical and spiritual.Read More
Sarah-Leah Pimentel. This morning I woke up with these words of our Morning Consecration on my mind: "We thank you for all the gifts we have received in such abundance."  This prompted me to re-read the text of our daily morning Schoenstatt prayer in the light of the start of our Jubilee year, on this day -- 18 October 2013 -- when we stand on the threshold of a new century of Schoenstatt, a new century of our life in the Covenant of Love with the Blessed Mother.Read More
ARGENTINA, Sr. Clara María Bercetche. Whiffs of the great event in 2014 are entering the soul and the desire to be well prepared grows. The Father Joseph Kentenich Secretariat in Argentina wanted to offer an opportunity for this by offering a new Seminar on the person of the Father and Founder of Schoenstatt.Read More
CHILE, John Smok Kazazian and María Francisca Cantin Jaramillo. Today, on June 23, 2013, the incredible network of events during the month of June, which were foreseen by Providence and that marked Schoenstatt in Chile, come to mind.  For example, on June 23, 1947, Father Kentenich stepped on Chilean soil for the first time.    Read More
SOUTH AFRICA, Sarah-Leah Pimentel. When on February 2, the Schoenstatt Family heard the news that negotiations for the Original Shrine had stalled, many tried to interpret what this might mean. What came through most strongly was the need to deepen our commitment to the Covenant of Love and bring ever more contributions to the Capital of Grace -- confirmed this week in the message by the General Presidium.  Another dominant theme was that the Original Shrine is in chains.  This second thought brought to mind Fr. Kentenich's experiences at theRead More
org. February 2014. A young woman entered the Bank with a rather worn savings book. "I happened to find this in a box I haven't opened for ages," she said. It was a savings account her grandparents had opened for her when she was still a child. "Is it still valid?" she asked. "Of course, and it will have quite a decent balance by now," the Bank official replied. Smiling shyly and visibly moved the young woman said, "You little, forgotten and neglected savings book at the bottom of aRead More
Sarah-Leah Pimentel. Several days ago, I read a talk that Fr. Kentenich gave to a group of high school boys in 1929 as they made their Consecration ("In the Shadow of the Shrine, Kentenich Reader, p141-156). As I read it, I thought how relevant this talk is during this year of our preparation for Jubilee 2014 as we continue to work on our apostolic and missionary projects.Read More
mkf. There are schools, houses and streets which bear his name. Newspapers, radio and television stations broadcast news about him, precisely on the 16th of November, 2010, the 125th anniversary of his birth. Popes, cardinals, and bishops have spoken about him and continue doing so. All began with a secret and favorite idea born in his heart and fulfilled with the persons who followed him. Wherever he went, they also went. Always. With such persons, Father Kentenich continues founding Schoenstatt also today. With persons for whomRead More