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PERU, Manuel Huapaya. Monsignor Miguel Irizar Campos, Bishop of Callao, presided at the Eucharistic celebration of the inauguration and blessing of the recently remodeled parish of Our Lady of Lourdes in Santa Marina, Callao amid an atmosphere of great joy along with the presence of local politicians, invited guests, and a large number of the faithful. The work of remodeling had been carried out because the roof, as well as the floor, was much deteriorated. The founding of the Schoenstatt Movement in Callao took place in this parish twenty-one yearsRead More
What a month August is this for Schoenstatt! Chapters, congresses, celebration of 90 years of the founding of the Apostolic Federation in Hoerde. Schoenstatt is buzzing with people from all over the world. And they all will come together today to celebrate what unites them all: the Covenant of Love. And everybody can participate - live The Opening of the Federations' Congress - the first international meeting of the Federations -  and the opening of the Schoenstatt Fathers' Congress during the Covenant Mass in the Pilgrim Church, follwoed by theRead More
GERMANY, Christin Benkner. Radiant Sign of Light! "That is exactly what we thought about when we searched for the name of the Association," said Mrs. Ulrike Eichenberg, a member of the Sign of Light Association. "The Blessed Virgin - the true foundress of this Association - is a Sign of Light, and we also want to be a sign of light to pregnant women who find themselves in all types of conflicts."Read More
This Summer, many young people will once again gather in Schoenstatt for the "Night of the Shrine" to renew the "Covenant of Love for the Youth of the World". What began in the shadow of the Original Shrine a few years ago in 2005, continues to burn within our hearts and carries us through all of life's situations. With this letter, the  German Schoenstatt Youth invites the Schoenstatt Youth of the world to join in.Read More

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COSTA RICA, Michelle Ramirez. There are abundant green trees loaded with fruit...but this one is different, it is is priestly. It is a gift for the centennial of Father Kentenich's priestly ordination: Costa Rica sponsors the Schoenstatt Fathers and Schoenstatt Priests all over the world. - "I adopted him for a year, but surely it will be forever." These are the very sincere words, full of emotion and good wishes that Sylvia Fedeli of the Ladies Branch in Costa Rica expressed after picking the name of "her" Schoenstatt Priest...Read More
POLAND, Dra. Alicia Kostka. On April 26, 2009, the Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel, a picture of the MTA was placed on the Schoenstatt altar in Gudnick, near Rossel (which was previously Eastern Prussia, presently Poland). This altar was build during the decade of the 1930's; it is very similar to the altar at the Original Shrine. Moreover, as in Maria Pohl's written report during that decade explains; it is a relic of the Movement that existed in the area of Rossel with the accompaniment of the thenRead More
BURUNDI, Fr. Deogratias. On 15th August the MTA was tol be crowned as "Queen of Peace and of Reconciliation" in the Shrine of Mount Sion Gikungu at Bujumbura, Burundi. The crown that we want to offer the Queen of Peace at Mount Zion is the fruit of the prayers, the contributions to the Capital of Grace, and the Mount Zion Gikungu pilgrims' financial contributions. It is the pilgrims themselves who want to crown Mary, and for this reason, they have given their all so that this beautiful crown can beRead More
POLAND, Lambert Schroedter / Tobía Wiedemer. "The Conference at Prosity", which has been held annually since 2000, celebrated its tenth anniversary on July 4th and 5th. Prosity (which was then German territory) is the place where {cms_selflink page="joseph-engling" text="Joseph Engling"} was born; he consecrated his life to the Blessed Mother during the founding era of the Schoenstatt Work. He participated as a soldier in World War I, and during this time he aspired to selflessly serve his comrades. He died in 1918 close to Cambrai, in France. The process forRead More
SWITZERLAND, mkf. On March 26, 2009, he celebrated the 70th Anniversary of his priestly ordination with the brothers of his community. He was the oldest Schoenstatt Father, and he was a witness to many events in Schoenstatt history, which are still being studied. On July 23, 2009 he died at the age of 97.Read More
CHILE, P. Enrique José Grez López. With the desire to embody the ideal that the national camp assumed, a group of youth from the branch from Ayinrehue, went to the area of Trovolhue to work in the community and parish of that sector.Read More