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ROMA BELMONTE/SCHOENSTATT ROSARY CAMPAIGN, Mercedes Bonorino and Maria Fischer • “Everything that this great Campaign generates is a joy for the soul! It touches so many people and above all, how our beloved MTA showers the graces of the Shrine. João Pozzobon is really a saint! From something so small, we can see, feel, and experience so many miracles. I always say something that we experienced with Raúl: the Rosary Campaign is not an apostolate; it is a great gift from God! This was one of the many comments withinRead More
ROMA BELMONTE, Brigitte Krompass, Schoenstatt Women’s Federation • The Holy Spirit symbol, which had been given in advance, was not installed during the blessing of the Belmonte Shrine – a Holy Spirit current was missing. At first the Holy Spirit remained very peaceful. The symbol was in a small Belmonte community, which took care of the shrine and its mission; it was like in the time of the early Church where the believers were gathered around Mary, who already had her throne in the shrine, the Belmonte community looked toRead More
BOLIVIA, Roberto Henestrosa • Schoenstatt without a shrine is like drinking lemonade without ice or soda without carbonation… However we invite you to take a look at our wayside shrine… This November the Bolivian Santa Cruz de la Sierra Family will celebrate twenty years of founding. We have five hectares of land in the midst of a natural paradise, where the world’s largest wayside shrine is constructed. We do not have a shrine even though the Santa Cruz Family has become a pillar in the local church. We have grownRead More
ROME BELMONTE, Bettina Betzner and Maria Fischer • On the feast of Pentecost, Schoentatt also celebrated the golden jubilee of the Shrine belonging the Apostolic Women’s Federation. This shrine was blessed by Fr. Joseph Kentenich on the feast of Pentecost 50 years ago. The plaque with the Father-Holy Spirit symbol from the wayside shrine at Belmonte was present at the celebration. This is the same symbol that can still be found today at the entrance to the property at Belmonte and is a reminder of the simple wayside shrine blessedRead More
AUSTRIA, Alois Konrad via schoenstatt.at Thirty years ago, on February 14, 1987, it began in the middle of Steiermark with one brave family together with Sister Elmengard and Father Tilmann Beller… “Our Homes – preferred places of God’s work: warming – shaping – radiating!” Summer holidays in Steiermark – hurrah! One last look at the home shrine – and off we went.  We drove through a sunny, almost already spring-like Steiermark and came closer to the monastery in Leibnitz. We went through the monastery gate with great anticipation – and immediatelyRead More
ROME  BELMONTE, Maria Fischer • 22 January 2017. The 2017 Family Misiones is starting in Ranchos, in the province of Buenos Aires, supported by prayer and accompanied by Schoenstatters on various continents. Seventy-five young people from a number of countries in South America and Austria have met in Villa Cura Brochero at the end of their pilgrimage on foot to the grave of the first Argentinian saint, and handed over to him the prayer intentions of people from even more countries. In Rome and around the world the Pallottine FathersRead More
GERMANY, by Maria Fischer and Renate Siebenkäs • Mary, I want to learn from you, what it means that God’s thoughts are not mine, and that his ways are not mine, that his will, which is often inconceivable, ultimately is good for me. I want to learn from you, that there is no life without sacrifice and this does not make me bitter rather it makes me more mature, and the purpose and blessing lies in this.   Extracted from the book in German: The Woman who Takes Me toRead More

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The Wayside Shrine Current

Maria Fischer with Mercedes Bonorino • Uniting the Blessed Mother’s mission from Rome in reaching the broadest circles of the Church and the world, the wayside shrines’ current continues very strongly in great part thanks to Ana Echevarría and Mercedes Bonorino’s creativity and dedication along with the entire Argentinean Belmonte circle. Every missionary sending a photo of their wayside shrine not only receives the Belmonte Bulletin to keep them informed, but they also receive a personal greeting with an incentive to join in prayer and offer capital of grace forRead More
ARGENTINA, by M. Gabriela Sarquis de Imperatrice • During the final days of 2016 in the middle of Buenos Aires, a wayside shrine was blessed bearing the name, Mother of Mercy, which is one of Pope Francis’ favorite names for Mary. Supposedly, this wayside shrine is the youngest one in the world, and it is already a part of the Original Pilgrim Mother’s Belmonte mosaic. On Friday, 1 April 2016, at 10:00 a.m., the conquest of a wayside shrine began with the prayer of the Holy Rosary so that our MotherRead More
ARGENTINA, Silvia Marín • On 8 December, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, the Rosary Campaign held the 14th pilgrimage to the chapels of Trenque Lauquen, a area of Buenos Aires. This year the pastor, Fr. Juan Pellergrino, accompanied them throughout the walk. The motto this year for the pilgrimage uniting chapels was “Mother gaze on us so we will live as brothers/sisters.” The motto was inspired on what then Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio had created for a diocesan pilgrimage to Luján. They departed at 3:45 AM fromRead More