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SCHOENSTATTERS AT THE SERVICE OF THE CHURCH: Fr. Alexandre Awi, the new secretary for the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life On 1 September, Fr. Alexandre Awi, a Schoenstatt Father from Brazil, who up until May this year was the National Movement Director for Brazil, officially took up his task as the Secretary of the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life. Before starting his new job and after having spent several months in the house of the Schoenstatt Fathers in Trastévere, Rome, where he finished his doctoral thesis and studiedRead More
PARAGUAY, Silvia Cabañas • How does one overcome the departure of a son? That is a question I am frequently asked. I prefer to use the term departure and not death, because for me, my son did not die. He only departed prematurely to meet God, our Father, and our Mother Mary, a conviction that keeps me strong and standing. Most of all, it is what motivates me to struggle against my own human weakness, and for me to also make the effort so the moment that God decides thatRead More
PARAGUAY, Montse and Roberto Ramírez • We are Montse and Roberto Ramírez, we have been married for twelve years, we have two daughters, Sophia and Emma, ages 8 and 6. We have also belonged to the large Schoenstatt Family for six years. Today after living and feeling ourselves in Covenant with Mary, especially since we feel her special presence in our home through our Home Shrine (HS), we can say nothing other than “Thank You…” and we are more and more convinced that she is our security and our roadRead More
COSTA RICA, Ana Vega • On Thursday, 20 July, Fr. José Luis Correa, adviser to the Schoenstatt Movement in Costa Rica, visited Guanacaste Pampa, bringing us a great message in the different talks and shared experiences. There was a gathering with two couples’ groups, which included the subject of Being Instruments.  All the couples were attracted to the subject and motivated to continue to train themselves, and place themselves in the Blessed Mother’s hands to be instruments in the great Schoenstatt work that is being founded in Guanacaste. “I amRead More
PARAGUAY, by Oscar Sandoval • When I became acquainted with María Teresa and Benjamín Cálcena’s Home Shrine and I heard them tell its story, I asked them if they could give their testimony about it. In that respect, Tere commented that in order to understand what their Home Shrine means to them, it is important to tell the story of how they entered the Movement: María Teresa tells her history My father was very ill, and they gave us a picture of the Pilgrim Mother so that she would accompanyRead More
PARAUGAY, Carina and Arnaldo Balbuena, Mónica and Christian Díaz • It is always a joy and a celebration to welcome couples, who after learning about Schoenstatt and its Family Work, decide to begin the itinerary of introduction; this happened recently in Luque. It is a magnificent opportunity of giving back a little of everything that Mary and this wonderful movement, in which we are growing and forming ourselves as a family, has already given us. It is really a heavenly gift that we want to share with the people weRead More
PARAGUAY, Fr. Pedro Kühlcke • In Paraguay every year, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. It is not only a tribute to biological fatherhood, but for all those who act as father figures. On the occasion of Father’s Day this year, Fr. Pedro Kühlcke dedicated an article in Revista Tuparenda to… no, not directly to the fathers but rather to Pepito.  Pepito? Yes, Pepito, his friend Pepito is in the juvenile detention center… the Pepito who has searched for a father his whole life.    Read More
By Maria Fischer and Ani Souberlich • “Thirty more stars were blessed on Friday, 12 May for the carpet of stars located at the north entrance of the Cologne Cathedral. The twenty-five small and the five large stars were donated this spring,” this was Cologne’s Domradio radio message. Among them, there was also a star from 1. FC Köln soccer team, the ‘Kölner Dom’ cultural foundation related. With the star of 1. FC Köln, two of Cologne’s passions grow closer: the cathedral and soccer,” commented Fr. Gerd Bachner, Provost ofRead More
BRAZIL, Karen Bueno, (with permission) • There are people who make history for the simple fact of sweeping the ground like Sr. Adair Rodrigues Gil does every day, waking early to clean the tree leaves from the grounds of the future Caieiras/SP Shrine. Her story was told some time ago on With less than six months before the long-awaited 17 September, hers and many other signs of love for the Mother of God and the Shrine point to this final stretch of the conquest. The Caieiras Wayside ShrineRead More
By Agustín Lombardi and Maria Fischer • Somethings don’t have an expiration date. They continue to be current and of use for so many. “It is a great richness for the family ministry,” Bishop Francisco Pistilli of Encarnación commented, when this week, he received the E-Book, 20 Reflections about the Family, a compilation of twenty reflections on the family taken from Fr. Nicolas Schwizer’s talks. After every reflection, questions are posed to deepen each topic even more.  Congratualting for the initiative, Bishop Francisco Pistilli said: “May it inspire manyRead More