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Ao vivo – vivo – live – Direktübertragung: Caieiras • Se bendice un nuevo Santuario, hoy, en Caieiras, Brasil, hoy, 17 de septiembre, a las 10:00 horas de Brasil. Canción Nueva de Brasil transmite en vivo en su canal de Youtube. A TV Canção Nova transmite para todo Brasil e para Portugal, pela televisão, a bênção do novo Santuário Filial de Schoenstatt de Caieiras/SP, no dia 17 de setembro, às 10 horas, horário de Brasília/DF (às 2 horas da tarde em Portugal). Os demais países também podem acompanhar a solenidadeRead More
Pope Francis to young people – editorial team • Under the mantle of Mary, you can rediscover the creativity and strength to be protagonists of a culture of alliance and thus to generate new paradigms to guide the life of Brazil” Pope Francis to the youth of Brazil at the closing of Rota 300, 29.07.2017 “I still hadn’t read the Pope’s message. I hope you can share it on because it confirms what he told us in 2014 in Paul VI Hall,” commented Fr. Alexandre Awi, the Secretary ofRead More
BRAZIL, Karen Bueno • The Schoenstatt Family from Brazil is experiencing the joy of conquering their 23rd Daughter Shrine that is being built in Caieiras, Sao Paulo. They are certain that the Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt has a special mission for the country of origin and for the entire world from every shrine. We invite the International Schoenstatt Family, brothers/sisters in the Covenant of Love, to accompany this very special moment with their prayers and contributions to the Capital of Grace. Attending the blessing will be possible in realRead More
BRAZIL, By Leonardo Rodrigues – Jumas Guarapuava, via • It was a cold Sunday (23 July) in Guarapuava, with temperatures around 6°C, but the wind made it feel colder. At about 6am, the Street Coffee crew gathered in front of Our Lady of Agony, the parish church in Santa Cruz neighbourhood.  For those of us who are used to a certain degree of comfort, it is already difficult to get up in the cold weather. Imagine what it’s like for those who live on the street! With this in mind,Read More
BRAZIL, Fabio Alves vía • During 14 – 16 July 2017, eight representatives of the Schoenstatt Boys’ and Girls’ Youth (JUMAS and JUFEM) carried out the first Missionary Week for the Diocese of Santo Ângelo. Missionary Week began on the 14th at 6:00 p.m. with the Schoenstatt youth in charge of praying the Rosary. That night there were confessions, and the first day closed with Holy Mass and the sending forth of the youths to the homes of the families who offered to put them up. On the morningRead More
BRAZIL, Melissa Rossatti • It is lass than two months until the blessing of the Shrine of Caieiras, a city of the greater São Paulo region. With a spirit of establishing a countdown and in the spirit of work and prayer, the Caierias Schoenstatt Family joyfully extends an official invitation for this date. The new century’s first Schoenstatt Shrine in Brazil will be developed by laypeople through the Christi Indivisible Apostolic Association, however the entire accompaniment and spiritual focus is under direction of the Our Lady of Schoenstatt Institute throughRead More
BRAZIL/ROME, Fr. Rodrigo Ríos, from the Archdiocese of Maceió, Brazil • As a child, my mother once took me to church, and giving me a scapular as a gift, she told me that Our Lady of Mt. Carmel was my godmother, and she would take care of me.  That image remains in my mind as the surrender of one mother to another.  Therefore that simple and beautiful picture always accompanied me.  In my youth, being part of a group of youths, I remember that we would make the consecration toRead More
BRASIL, Melissa Rossatti • Bags of cement, shovels, sand, bricks and many rosaries… Early in the morning, that was the scenario for those passing by the grounds of the future Schoenstatt Shrine in Caieiras, in Brazil’s state of Sao Paulo. During the last month, the Caieiras Schoenstatt Movement gathered every morning to offer the rosary as a family. The initiative was called “Heroic May” and the presence of the Family members at an early hour was guaranteed with loyalty and much prayer: 31 days of prayer and devotion in whichRead More

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New Man Crusade 2017

BRAZIL, Boys’ Youth Paraná • For the nineteenth time, Holy Week of Jumas Paraná was filled with self-giving and sacrifice with the New Man Crusade, a walk of some kilometers, annually since 1999. And over the last few years, the number of young boys continues to grow. In the 2017 edition and with the motto: “No longer I, but Christ lives in me…!” (Galatians: 2:20), approximately 220 people had the opportunity to participate in the crusade that was filled with new developments. First there was a change in kilometers fromRead More
BRAZIL, Reginaldo Leite • At the branch meeting, the Schoenstatt Boys’ Youth from Cornélio Procópio decided that they would embrace the Easter of Solidarity Project, and it was done. The Allies Group of Pedro Paulo and Elcio Faria took the lead, and they worked hard for some months. The boys made a brochure, they created a website, and they even had a motto: “Give candy and you will receive smiles.” The idea was to gather candies to donate to area nursery schools. This work impacted the outreach. Every Saturday theyRead More