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2014-08-29 17:02:17

USA, Carlos Cantú. The Church calendar lists August 22nd as the feast day for the Queenship of Mary. Although it is not a holy day of obligation, the Schoenstatt Movement of the Brownsville Diocese has chosen this day as its special day to honor our Blessed Mother. This has become an annual event in the Brownsville Diocese and the entire Movement, with all its branches and the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign, come together as the Schoenstatt Family that it is.

2014-08-29 16:22:31

COSTA RICA, Isidro Perera, Rudolf Sauter. The Feast of the Assumption of Mary – August 15 – coincided with “Mother’s Day" and a large number of mothers with their families, who had been invited to a Mass in their honor, congregated at the Movement’s principal gathering place.

2014-08-26 20:05:13

ARGENTINA, Estela Maris Parsi. For weeks, the members of the Mothers’ Branch from Córdoba have read Father Carlos Padilla’s book thoroughly; he is the Schoenstatt National Director in Spain: “One Hundred Years’ Journey: a View of Schoenstatt,” is available on several internet websites as a book and an ebook; it is translated to German, Portuguese, Italian and English.

2014-08-20 05:33:24

GERMANY, Sister M. Hanna-Lucia Hechinger. At the end of July, it became a reality: the pilgrimage from the “Shrine of the Merciful Love of God” in Borken (Germany) to the Original Shrine was carried out. The first two stages took place in the year 2013 from Borken to Bottrop and then from Bergisch Gladbach. And in July of this year, the last stage was carried out from Bergisch Gladback to Rösrath, Bon, Bad Honnef, and Waldbreitbach ending in Schoenstatt.

2014-08-17 16:38:56

ARGENTINA, Anahí Mariño. On the 26th of July, in a beautiful journey of faith, the tenth ConcePro Pilgrimage was held in honor of Our Lady of Schoenstatt in the Uruguay Department, province of Entre Ríos.


2014-08-15 16:55:35

USA,  Jesse Cortes. 100 years ago, the first sodalists sealed the Covenant of Love with the Blessed Mother, promising to give their lives entirely for Schoenstatt. Since then, these 100 years have been marked with the lives of saints who loved “without measure and without end”, finding a home always in the Shrine. As the centennial draws ever close, the Diocese of Austin, Texas, USA will dedicate its first ever Shrine hoping to mark the beginning of another 100 years of sanctity for Schoenstatt and for the Church. Since 1966, the small community of Schoenstatt has grown tremendously in both size and in love, and now it is no coincidence—the Blessed Mother has faith a new generation of saints will arise from this Shrine. And one only has to walk on the beautiful land of the future Austin Shrine to see that life is truly abundant. The Dedication of the Shrine will take place on the 13th of September, 2014 celebrated by Bishop Joe Vasquez of the Diocese of Austin.

2014-08-03 16:48:24

ARGENTINA, Marcelo Lima. The “IGNIS MARIAE VICTORIOSUS” course established its 3rd CONSECRATION CONTRACT in mid-July of this Jubilee year. It is the first Course of Schoenstatt’s Institute of Families from Paraguay from the Argentina-Paraguay Region. The couples, which decide to participate in the Institute of Families, make a contract for a limited term with the Institute, and it is renewed (or not) after this term. After several years, the couples make their contract for an indefinite period of time.


2014-08-02 01:38:50

CHILE, Alejandra Oliveira. . The annual retreat for the Couples’ Branch of Antofagasta in the Mejillones area, a city and commune in northern Chile, located 65 Km north of the city of Antofagasta, was very enriching. Father José Tomás Pérez of the Secular Institute of the Schoenstatt Fathers accompanied approximately twenty couples, which attended. The main theme of the marriage reflection 2014 retreat was “Please, Thank you, I’m sorry.” Three magic words that help in living married life better.


2014-07-31 18:02:39

BRAZIL, Ana Maria Pretto and Sr. M. Denise Mendes Ternes. The 20th of July holds special significance for the Schoenstatt Family in the Archdiocese of Porto Alegre.  The Schoenstatt Movement met in the shadow of the Tabor Maria Cor Ecclesiae Shrine to celebrate and give thanks for 28 years of the Mother Thrice Admirable's presence in the shrine.




2014-07-31 03:50:38

CHILE, Octavio Galarce. Twenty-five years passed in order to incorporate the statue of Vincent Pallotti in our shrine; it was the last of the elements or statues that all the Schoenstatt Shrines have in their interior. It was the gift that was promised and conquered by the Family for the celebration of these 25 years. Father Humberto Anwandter and Father Francisco García Huidobro contributed to greater knowledge of his significance and life through talks and very illustrative and interesting exhibitions.


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