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This is how the Mother finds ways for her Visitation.

ITALY, Maria Tedeschi. Once again, our "Madonnina" surprises us with her quiet and continuous work to conquer youthful hearts. The editorial staff of Schoenstatt.org received recently an email that we wish to share with you, as we were most impressed by it. The sender is Mirco, a young Italian of 23 years from a little village, Pioppo, in the prefecture and diocese of Monreale, in the province of Palermo, Italy. He tells us that how during the last WYD in Madrid he met a Brazilian who gifted him with a holy picture with the image of the Madonna, which he subsequently hung in his room. Unfortunately the Brazilian young man could not speak Italian, and all Mirco could grasp was, Germany, Germany..... Some months ago, though, on the desk of his Spiritual Director, he noticed the same picture, learning that she is our Lady of Schoenstatt and that there exists a large Movement associated with it. Having logged on to the website he decided to ask further questions on the spirituality and ethos, as well as an address in the vicinity of Monreale to find ways and information for the purpose of starting another group.

We promptly sent his email to the coordinator of Schoenstatt in Sicily, Calogero Tuzzolino, asking him to contact Mirco and inform him as needed. We have obtained in the meantime Mirco's permission to publish his witness, and to establish a channel of communication.

Our Lady of Schoenstatt already waits for him near him....

The communication continued. Micro wrote to us that Tuzzolino had sent him the address of missionaries working near his village, and already he co-operates with others in an initiative in the parish to the effect that during May and October they carry the image of the Madonna, which appropriately enough is called "The Pilgrim Mother" into homes, where the families recite together the Rosary, and does he not stop telling us that "if more people would recite the Rosary every day, the world would change !!!

All that is missing now .... is to let the young man from Brazil know.

Mirco is glad to publish his witness, and adds that the Brazilian friend had also given him a mug with the Brazilian flag, to which he reciprocated by giving him tens of rosaries made out of shells. He looks forward to hearing from him. He adds his photo where he is with his fiance. He is grateful to all, if all Christians are rightly called brothers, so much more those who place themselves under the protection of our Mother, who worked miracles in him and whom he loves with all his heart. He concludes his email with. "I entrust myself to your prayers".

Translated from the Italian by Valerio Salvador, Family Federation, Johannesburg, South Africa