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From country to country – May 5th it’s South Korea’s turn

Agathe Hug/org. Late Prelate Wilhelm Wissing, who was closely united to the Schoenstatt Movement, was the person who took hundreds of pictures of the Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt on his trips to South Korea and distributed them among the people.  On May 5th, the Holy Mass “toward 2014” will be celebrated in Covenant with South Korea, where there is no direct contact with Schoenstatt at this time, but we are sure that the Most Holy Virgin has arrived there and She will act.  In Santa Maria, Brazil they know that the Pilgrim MTA is in South Korea.

South Korea, the southern half of the country divided since the Korean War, is one of the Asian countries that have a relatively high number of Christians, 29.2% according to Wikipedia.  The Church there is active – there are ten Kolping Families, who have united into a regional federation and they are members of the International Kolping Work.

The idea of a social order

About 22.8% profess Buddhism, but Confucian philosophy marks the society.

More than being a founder of a religion, Confucius was a social philosopher, who wanted to form a rigorous orderly society.  Confucianism as a philosophy continues to influence South Korean society. The way that Confucius’ philosophy controls Korean society presently can be seen in the consequences of the gambling scandal that has shaken Korea since the beginning of 2011.  Soccer players along with trainers manipulated the soccer teams.  The same thing occurred with volleyball and basketball.  For this reason, more than fifty players, trainers and other people, who were responsible, as well as vendors of these bets have been detained and judged.  The monetary fines against the players

were not objectively very high (but they were against the organizers, who received up to two years in jail).  The shame associated with this, caused the third ex-professional twenty-four year old soccer player and a trainer to commit suicide during the weekend of April 15, 2012. Subjectively, being blocked for life as a player or trainer is worse; it is almost like being excluded from society.  A crime against the social order is valued so much that it is almost impossible to continue to live in this society after being sentenced and suicide seems to be the only logical consequence.

The new social order was the main subject in the thinking and actions of Father Kentenich: it was a society in which the freedom of each individual and the solidarity of firm and free personalities were main points…

On May 5th, the Holy Mass in Covenant with South Korea will be celebrated in the Original Shrine in covenant with those who receive the Pilgrim MTA, with those who honor the picture of the Virgin of Schoenstattt in their homes…and with the eight people who visit once in a while.

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Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX: English translation