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A new road by Mary’s hand

ECUADOR, Father Eduardo Auza. “Our beloved MTA is the source of many joys.  She not only takes care of educating us in the faith and the depth of Christian values, but She is also a motivation to improve in very concrete and useful points of human life such as cultivating the intellect and appreciation for academics.  Everything She does in human and wholesome formation is a concern for Mary of the Covenant.” That was the experience of three Schoenstatt youth from the city of Quito, Ecuador, who will begin a new road by the Blessed Mother’s hand.  They are Paola Lecaro, Joaquín Chriboga and Camila Pachón.  They have completed their secondary studies at the Joseph Engling School of Quito, which is a work that emerged from the Schoenstatt Family.



These three youth, who belong to the Schoenstatt youth, relate their experiences and how the Blessed Mother and the Shrine have helped their faith to reach important and outstanding academic accomplishments, and how they will continue to cultivate their relationship with God when they go to the University, which is their next new challenge.

Paola Lecaro

…is a school standard bearer and one of the National Squad (In Ecuador, they are students who have obtained the best academic scores in the secondary school).  She has sealed her Covenant of Love, has been in the Allies, and will continue with the Schoenstatt Girls’ Youth.  She obtained the best score in medicine in the university admission tests for the International University of Quito, which is an excellent institution in that country.  Her scores have opened many doors for other institutions.  She said:  “It has been beautiful to make an effort for the “Little Virgin” through her studies.

It is so different to make an effort for love, rather than doing it because of obligation.  That effort is my Capital of Grace.  The Blessed Mother has given me so much, She gave her friendship. Entering the Shrine is like going to your house, it is a special place, and it is quiet, very peaceful.  In the future, at the University, I want to continue to cultivate this. The relationship with God is like the relationship with a friend; you have to continue to nourish it.  And perhaps we will no longer have the chapel like at school, but we should make the effort to seek God and the Blessed Mother.

Camila Pachón

…  is a standard bearer for the Joseph Engling School.

She is in the Girls’ Youth, and she is a missionary of the Pilgrim MTA, which she circulates among her friends.  She learned about the Shrine seven years ago, during the consecration of the City Shrine of Quito in the year 2005.  She will study Finance and Music at the University of the Hemispheres in Quito, and she has earned a 50% scholarship based on her good work.  Camila relates that “it is beautiful to do everything for love  of the Blessed Mother.  She has given me much confidence and support.  I like the Shrine because it is a peaceful place.  From there Mary always helps us and shelters us, that is the reason I am a missionary of the Pilgrim MTA”.  In regard to the challenges that await her at the University, she responds:  “we simply have to be sure of our upbringing and to take care of it.  It is like erecting a building with a good foundation.  It is important to continue to build it.”

Joaquín Chiriboga

… he is the first escort for the National Squad.

He is a member of the Boys’ Youth, and he will continue in the university groups.  He applied at the Catholic Pontifical University, and he scored among the top ten applicants.  He will study Economics at Saint Francis University, one of the best in the country.

He says:  “In my life as a student, faith has been very important.  The Blessed Mother helps me to remain calm.  The school has helped me a lot because one can live and relate to the academic and the religious, and I would not have had that at another school.  At Joseph Engling, everything developed naturally.  Leaving it all in the Blessed Mother’s hands and doing it with Her and for Her assures doing things well.  The University will only be a change in a stage of life, but now the battle to defend everything I have been taught will begin.  At school the atmosphere was calm, but at the University everything will be different.  The Shrine provides security that is why I remained in Schoenstatt, because there I experience the graces of the Shrine.  It is a special place.  As we say, it is an irresistible unknown quantity.  That is what we should also be and in this way to continue to build the building.”

Joaquín also notes something important and in common in these youths, and that is its apostolic dimension and that of social commitment:  “The Blessed Mother has given us the power to transmit a message of faith to others, since they have all participated in several apostolates such as the family mission, worked with children, helped the marginalized and the poor, etc.

It is to be a response to the challenges that society poses

The Family of Quito appreciates that through their example and witness these three youth not only want to dedicate themselves to their studies and to academic and professional excellence; but rather, they want to contribute and to be a response to the challenges that the society of today poses with the gifts that God has given them.  In the strength of the Covenant and from the Shrine, they want to forge a Covenant culture.  We pray for them so that their success will resound for themselves and those who surround them.

“We thank God, because new hope emerges from these Schoenstatt youth, who are the new “hero sodalists” for our next century of life.  Youth, may God bless you!  May the Blessed Mother educate you as new men/women so that you can continue to be examples of Life!  The Blessed Mother Takes Perfect Care.

Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX, USA