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Memories of a childhood spent walking with João Pozzobon and the Blessed Mother

BRAZIL, Roberto Montagner. I am blessed because the Blessed Mother has walked with me since my childhood. I was born in Faxinal do Soturno. There, our Mother Thrice Admirable has a Shrine, in the woods near the old Pallottine Seminary. When I was a child, I would go to the Shrine to say my prayers. She is still there today, receiving pilgrims from every corner of Brazil and beyond.



During my primary school years at the Adelina Zanchi School Group in Faxinal do Soturno -- from 1965 until the early 70s where I received my foundation learning -- I joined in Deacon João Luiz Pozzobon’s visits to our school. He would carry the Pilgrim Mother and pray the rosary with us children. After the rosary, a classmate and I would sometimes have the opportunity to accompany João Pozzobon and the Pilgrim Mother to the next school, Dom Antonio Reis College, where they also prayed the rosary. The deacon followed along behind us, carrying the Pilgrim Mother and praying the whole way, while a string of children trailed behind him. For me it was always an honor to pray with the deacon, carry this image and participating, even as a child, in this unconditional love for the Pilgrim Mother.

I am an adult now, and I live in Camobi with my wife, Celeni Ana Montagner, who is a Pilgrim Mother missionary. There are twenty-five families in our University Park who receive the Pilgrim Mother, to offer her their prayers and petitions for grace.


Sarah-Leah Pimentel: English translation