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They celebrated the Mother of Heaven on Mother’s Day

PERU, Queca Espinoza. On May 9th, women from different Lima dioceses gathered to celebrate Mother's Day. Carmen Alarcón, the leader of the Mothers' Branch, welcomed them. She expressed gratitude to the Mother of the Lord and our Mother for her constant motherhood for her daughters, for her company in the group meetings as the great educator, for her presence in the visits to the Shrine, and for her attentiveness in our daily lives.



To be a Living Monstrance

She reminded the ladies that the Branch symbol is to be a “Living Monstrance” and as such they are called to be Christ bearers in their surroundings. She introduced Father Luis Alberto Celis, who explained the importance of each woman working on her Personal Ideal. Moreover he explained that each one should know that she has been looked upon by God being called to do transcendental things, and she should be willing to pass from the ordinary to the extraordinary with her children, her spouse, in the Schoenstatt meetings, and in social gatherings. There others should discover that there is an inner special fire, which is the Covenant of Love.

In this way, some questions emerged within each one: Why am I in this world? What does the Lord want of me? How can I be an instrument? The personal ideal can be found when these questions are answered.


Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX: English translation