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2012-10-04 14:59:59

mev. On September 29th, Feast of the Holy Archangels – this time the traditional Mass toward 2014 was celebrated in covenant with all the countries where Schoenstatt exists in some way even if this information is unknown.



2012-09-30 17:23:50

Quote of the week. Covenant Culture - it is simply brilliant.  They have captured the Schoenstatt DNA with two words, its secret— mystery and personal ideal … with these two words they have synthesized the Schoenstatt Mission and Vision. And it is so tangible that it is possible to experience it as our original way of expressing our organism of attachments born of the Covenant of Love.  This is the great discovery and gift of Conference 2014 in this jubilee time!



2012-09-27 23:11:25

org. There is something new at schoenstatt.org.  Obviously. There are new articles of “News” every day, there are new apostolic projects every week in the virtual tents of Covenant Culture (the FAB magazine of Austria, the Bioethics Commission  of Argentina, and many translations in Portuguese and English), moreover there are the new official 2014 newsletter and  important new texts about the Masses toward 2014 and the Year of the Missionary stream on the sister page www.schoentatt2014.org, there is updated  information for visitors, especially in Portuguese, and then after a long wait another of those interviews with collaborators. This is obvious.  But there is something new that is truly different. A map.  A map that has the potential to create an addiction—a map that shows visits to schoenstatt.org in an instant– A map in which each visit leaves a star– A map that within a few days has become a map of the presence of the Covenant of Love.  A map with surprises.  A map of the internationally attached family on pilgrimage toward 2014.

2012-09-27 23:02:28

org. Carmen Maria Rogers, from Santiago, Chile, has translated articles for schoenstatt.org for three years (although it seems she has always done it); she edits and writes articles, and a year ago she became the coordinator of the team of translators “to Spanish”. She relates what her work means to her, and why she is on fire for 2014 and the Covenant Culture.




2012-09-25 00:13:54

mev. This Saturday, September 22nd, the last Mass was celebrated in Covenant with a country where Schoenstatt is known to be. Timor Leste is located in the East of Indonesia. It was a colony of Portugal, so the majority of its inhabitants are Catholics. It is a small nation on the Asian continent with about 780,000 inhabitants, who have suffered attacks, massacres and destruction, which only stopped thanks to the intervention of the U.N. Peace Corps. It was through one of the Brazilian soldiers from these troops that a Pilgrim Mother reached the continent. Since October 2004, Father Adriano from Maliano worked in the service of the Rosary Campaign of the Pilgrim Mother.

2012-09-23 16:17:16

Fr. Andrew Pastore. The year of the missionary stream is fast approaching, expectancy is growing, apostolic projects and missionary initiatives as well as personal missionary steps are anticipating this year, that, in coincidence with the Universal Church`s Year of Faith at the service of New Evangelization, will lead us ever more into the Jubilee stream and a growing awareness of apostolate as the goal and reason for all that we do as the Apostolic Schoenstatt Movement.




2012-09-19 16:19:54

Quote of the week. Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement.  That is what Schoenstatt was called when I learned about it in 1939 as a fifteen-year old student during the Third Reich, and I was enthused.  The apostolate is the reason Schoenstatt exists, and it is the objective of everything we do.





2012-09-18 07:57:32

Fr. Andrew Pastore. With only 759 days missing for the great Covenant Pilgrimage of October 18, 2014, a new edition of the official 2014 newsletter "Towards 2014" has been sent out. It is also available as pdf, and in the following languages: German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and English. Feel free to share and to subscribe.

ONLY 0 days 0 hours and 0 minutes from OCTOBER 18, 2014!

2012-09-14 21:44:32

ECUADOR, Martin and María Elena Vilches. On September 15th, the Schoenstatters throughout the world will commemorate the 44th Anniversary of Father Kentenich’s death. Undoubtedly, his greatest work is the Schoenstatt Family. And his inheritance is immense. Clearly, what is the most outstanding is his example of giving himself to God and his love for the Blessed Mother. Whoever observes his work admires his vision. His charism and Father’s love keeps him alive among his children, his presence and guidance is felt at every moment.

2012-09-11 08:37:24

Silvia Losada. In the midst of our pain following the Original Pilgrim Mother accident, we are wondering what God and the MTA want to tell us.  A similar event as we are preparing for the year of missionary current can be read in various ways.  My hearts tells me that just as João Pozzobon was the seed and leaven, giving his life so that the Pilgrim Mother Campaign could flourish among hundreds of thousands of missionaries, bearers of the shrine's graces to the places the MTA picture visited, she also wants to shake off our lethargy.  Why don't we begin the year of mission by being strong and dignified so that this event will not paralyze us but will instead courageously impel us to become true missionaries for our time?  We needn't worry about the difficulties and sufferings.  The Pilgrim Mother frame may be broken, but its essence – the image of the MTA and her crown – will last forever.

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