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2012-09-11 08:37:24

Silvia Losada. In the midst of our pain following the Original Pilgrim Mother accident, we are wondering what God and the MTA want to tell us.  A similar event as we are preparing for the year of missionary current can be read in various ways.  My hearts tells me that just as João Pozzobon was the seed and leaven, giving his life so that the Pilgrim Mother Campaign could flourish among hundreds of thousands of missionaries, bearers of the shrine's graces to the places the MTA picture visited, she also wants to shake off our lethargy.  Why don't we begin the year of mission by being strong and dignified so that this event will not paralyze us but will instead courageously impel us to become true missionaries for our time?  We needn't worry about the difficulties and sufferings.  The Pilgrim Mother frame may be broken, but its essence – the image of the MTA and her crown – will last forever.

2012-09-08 18:16:22

Fr. Andrew Pastore. It’s been a real 2014 pilgrim day for me, every minute of it... The day began in the Original Shrine with a “On The Way to 2014” Mass.  Today, the country at the centre of our prayers was Wales. A small country, but a proud one. The pilgrim mother is active through families from South America and South Africa.  A little known fact is that in a small Poor Clare Monastery - Ty Man Duw (Click here) - there is a small Shrine to our MTA - all the Sisters there have made the Covenant of Love and have a home shrine in their cells. This small community is very active and is an important spiritual support for all our work in the United Kingdom.

2012-09-06 22:56:47

Quote of the week. As we prepare ourselves for year of the Missionary Current, the event involving the Pilgrim Mother’s accident can be read in different ways. In my heart, I feel that John Pozzobon was seed and yeast in giving his life so that the Rosary Campaign could flourish, inspiring countless missionaries to be bearers of the Shrine’s graces in countless places, where they approach and bring the Pilgrim Mother’s picture.  She is trying to shake everyone out of his/her lethargy. Why not start this year of the missionary stream strong, worthy, without this paralyzing us, and let us boldly set out to be true missionaries for our time???


2012-09-02 23:40:54

NIGERIA, Fr. Stan. It was nice reading the 2014 newsletter regarding the list of missionary steps. Well in Nigeria, Fr. Stanley has taken two steps.





2012-09-02 02:15:07

mev. On Saturday, August 25th, the Holy Mass was celebrated in Covenant with Venezuela. The priest who designed the Unity Cross is from Venezuela. During the eighties, the Pilgrim MTA arrived there through Father Esteban Uriburu. The Schoenstatt Family from Venezuela is concentrated in several cities: Caracas, Valencia, San Felipe and Yaracuy. They wanted to be especially united to this Holy Mass so they wrote and sent the prayers of the faithful that were read in the Shrine.

2012-09-01 18:21:14

org. A few weeks before the opening of the Year of the Missionary current highlighting the Pilgrim Mother and the Unity Cross as Schoenstatt’s missionary symbols, we received startling news as pilgrims on our way towards 2014. This news giving cause for enormous anguish but at the same time offering a challenge to renewed commitment. On 28th August the Original large Pilgrim Mother was severely damaged in an accident while on pilgrimage through Brazil in preparation for its arrival in Schönstatt and Rome for the 2014 Jubilee – this is the same Pilgrim Mother that belonged to João (John) Pozzobon, that he’d carried for 35 years down the roads of Brazil, to the Father's Shrine in Nuevo Schoenstatt, Argentina, to the Original Shrine in Schönstatt, Germany and Rome.

2012-08-29 01:35:01

mev. It is always a special celebration when the 18th falls on a Saturday. Not only because many more people have the time to celebrate it; but rather, because the morning Mass in the Original Shrine is the Covenant Mass and the Mass toward the 18thh. Every 18th is an anticipation of that great 18th, October 18, 2014, the goal of all the preparation during this triennium, the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Covenant of Love, whose nucleus is the renewal of this covenant in its creative missionary strength, which is internationally attached and interconnected.

2012-08-27 19:26:14

org. "During the First World War, the German priest Joseph Kentenich founded the Schoenstatt Movement with the help of some young people. The date was October 18, 1914. Now, 98 years later, this movement is preparing to celebrate its 100 year anniversary..." This is the introduction to a video published on 17 August by RomeReports, a television station based in Rome.  A few days earlier, journalist Oscar de la Fuente had taped an interview with Fr. Gerardo Cárcar at the parish in Trastevere put into the care of the Schoenstatt Fathers.


2012-08-24 22:19:50

org. "Last night a storm, thunder and rain still fell over Cuatro Vientos, hundreds of thousands youths, and the Holy Father. Last night, that joy of faith was still uncontainable; it was alive with dances beneath the rainfall. Last night, a last look at the television screen, and a prayer of thanksgiving: the youths of the Church were there, and the Schoenstatt Youth were in its midst. In this case, what can a couple of intense storms passing over Cuarto Vientos, over the Church, and over Schoenstatt do…? Early this morning, there was a Holy Mass that was filled with devotion, joy, and faith filled by Christ! And hundreds of thousands youths proudly carried the missionary crosses Pope Benedict blessed at the end of the Holy Mass, as the symbol for being sent forth to be disciples and missionaries of Christ in other regions and countries." A year ago, on August 21st, this article was published on schoenstatt.org, a few minutes after the Closing Mass of World Youth Day 2012.

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