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2012-08-29 01:35:01

mev. It is always a special celebration when the 18th falls on a Saturday. Not only because many more people have the time to celebrate it; but rather, because the morning Mass in the Original Shrine is the Covenant Mass and the Mass toward the 18thh. Every 18th is an anticipation of that great 18th, October 18, 2014, the goal of all the preparation during this triennium, the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Covenant of Love, whose nucleus is the renewal of this covenant in its creative missionary strength, which is internationally attached and interconnected.

2012-08-27 19:26:14

org. "During the First World War, the German priest Joseph Kentenich founded the Schoenstatt Movement with the help of some young people. The date was October 18, 1914. Now, 98 years later, this movement is preparing to celebrate its 100 year anniversary..." This is the introduction to a video published on 17 August by RomeReports, a television station based in Rome.  A few days earlier, journalist Oscar de la Fuente had taped an interview with Fr. Gerardo Cárcar at the parish in Trastevere put into the care of the Schoenstatt Fathers.


2012-08-24 22:19:50

org. "Last night a storm, thunder and rain still fell over Cuatro Vientos, hundreds of thousands youths, and the Holy Father. Last night, that joy of faith was still uncontainable; it was alive with dances beneath the rainfall. Last night, a last look at the television screen, and a prayer of thanksgiving: the youths of the Church were there, and the Schoenstatt Youth were in its midst. In this case, what can a couple of intense storms passing over Cuarto Vientos, over the Church, and over Schoenstatt do…? Early this morning, there was a Holy Mass that was filled with devotion, joy, and faith filled by Christ! And hundreds of thousands youths proudly carried the missionary crosses Pope Benedict blessed at the end of the Holy Mass, as the symbol for being sent forth to be disciples and missionaries of Christ in other regions and countries." A year ago, on August 21st, this article was published on schoenstatt.org, a few minutes after the Closing Mass of World Youth Day 2012.

2012-08-21 09:47:16

USA, Elizabeth Felsheim. “On Fire with Jubilee spirit, Schoenstatt youth leading the way. On Fire with Jubilee spirit, on our way to 2014. 20-14! 2! 0! 1! 4!” Throughout the summer at Schoenstatt on the Lake in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, USA, the Schoenstatt Girls' Youth summer campers have been “on fire” with exuberant energy, which has been expressed through this motto cheer. After one person initiated the cheer during a walk, on a bus, or between activities, the noise would heighten to a roar as everyone together would shout the words and wave their fists, pumping energy into the air. We are excited and preparing for the great celebration of the 100th anniversary of Schoenstatt!

2012-08-18 09:45:51

Fr. Andrew Pastore. With only 790 days missing for the great Covenant Pilgrimage of October 18, 2014, a new edition of the official 2014 newsletter "Towards 2014" has been sent out. It is also available as pd, and in the following languages: German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and English. Feel free to share and to subscribe.

ONLY 15 days 15 hours and 37 minutes from OCTOBER 18, 2014!

2012-08-16 01:09:20

USA, org. Was it mere coincidence that on the very day the Holy Mass was celebrated in the Original Shrine “in Covenant with USA”, an email from Karin Schmitt reached the virtual offices of Schoenstatt.org? “Two years ago, I moved to Florida and noticed that there is a big need to know about our Holy Mother Mary. I am originally from Argentina, and I have the books of Editorial Patris in Spanish, (the 9 pedagogic books) but the people I know only speak English. Do you know if I can buy these book in English, since I want to create a group of women, a modest little Schoenstatt in my house, and work with them…?”


2012-08-11 18:58:55

ECUADOR, Martín Vilches. When this campaign began, we never imagined we would find so many sisters/brothers on fire for the mission. The comments related to the previous articles about the Homeshrine network have imparted a great lesson: we are united in Father Kentenich's mission. In every one of the comments, we can find his profound mark and his hand guiding us in this process.




2012-08-08 16:29:41

mev. This Saturday, August 4th, the Holy Mass toward 2014 was celebrated in Covenant with Uruguay. Many people were inside and outside the Shrine before 7:00 a.m. The presence of the Schoenstatt Fathers' Tertiary and Schoenstatt.tv gave the morning a special touch. Father Matheus from Brazil was the main celebrant; in 2009 with enthusiasm and commitment, he helped as coordinator of the service team for Conference 2014.



2012-08-08 08:16:59

SPAIN, org. José Luis Restán, a journalist of the COPE chain, recently interviewed Father Carlos Padilla, Director of the Schoenstatt Movement in Spain who is well known by many Readers of the Spanish issue of schoenstatt.org because of the Sunday homilies he presents every Sunday via email and schoenstatt.org.




2012-08-02 22:51:39

org. “Agano lako wito wetu!” On Saturday, July 28, at the end of the Holy Mass in Original Shrine celebrated in Covenant with Uganda, Father Miguel Rocha greeted the community with the international motto in KiSwaheli, the language spoken in Uganda and in many others. Thanks to the incessant work of Fr. David Musgrave, who after offering a translation of the Pilgrimage Prayer in Shona, now offered translations  into Kikuyu and KiSwahili, the words that accompany and inspire the jubilee pilgrimage of the Schoenstatt family, resound in ever more African languages.



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